by Charlie Richards

VAMPIRES, DEMONS, AND PRIESTS, OH MY! by Charlie RichardsVampire, Demons, and Priests, Oh My! by Charlie Richards
Series: Loving Nip #11
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

Each demon assigned to a Horseman is required to serve his Master for a thousand years before being rewarded with an amina, a mate.  In service to the Horseman of War, the demon Belial was kept from finding his amina the first time by the demons of another Horseman.  At two thousand years of age Belial is long past due his chance at happiness on the mortal plane with his amina.


The Horseman of War gives Belial one last assignment before his search begins.  He is to fan the flames of war between a group of humans and a coven of vampires.  Intent on his job, Belial figures out that his amina is nearby and involved in some way in the war to come.


As a demon Belial isn’t supposed to take sides, especially in any war he starts, but all bets are off when he discovers his amina belongs to the coven.  Gabriel Metrinan was tortured and starved to the point of madness by the very same humans Belial is assigned to.  Healing Gabriel comes first.  Destroying the humans a close second.


Angst and love battle for dominance in the eleventh offering from the A Loving Nip series titled Vampires, Demons, and Priests, oh my!  After two millennium Belial certainly deserves happiness.  Gabriel is a sorrowful, dangerous mess, pure and simple.  Their love story is a positive, delightful tale.  The twist Belial deals to the humans a guilty pleasure.  This title alone tells of what fun the reader finds in Vampires, Demons, Priests, oh my!

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