VAMPIRES R US by Logan Zachary

VAMPIRES R US by Logan Zachary
Vampires R Us
by Logan Zachary

Published by MLR Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Successful young Hollywood bucks Rick and Drew film sexy Dracula like commercials for a business called Vampires R Us.  After filming one night they ask as to what they are selling since the commercial is rather vague and doesn’t promote an actual product.  Nobody seems able to give them an answer but the paychecks are excellent so they drop the subject.


Filming the steamy ad gets their juices flowing so the guys indulge in some playtime in the studio shower.  Afterwards Drew invites Rick over to his apartment to split a pizza and continue what they started.  When the pizza boy arrives with dinner a stranger also announces himself from the balcony, on the 10th floor.  Someone certainly has a strange sense of humor.


A guilty pleasure comes to life in Vampires R Us.  Hot and heavy encounters blaze between Rick and Drew.  An additional unexpected twist gives Vampires R Us an extra hit of fun.  Light erotica with a sneaky wrinkle for the boys.

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