THE VIRGIN INCUBUS by Stephani Hecht

THE VIRGIN INCUBUS by Stephani HechtThe Virgin Incubus by Stephani Hecht
Series: Fangs Fur and Fae Detective Agency #1
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by MLR Press

The barely afloat detective agency Saint and his werewolf best friend Bron started seemed a safer bet than their previous profession as bounty hunters.  Perhaps the fact that Saint wants to avoid working for paranormals has something to do with their lack of success.  His own inner hatred of being a mix of fairy, dark fae, and human distances him from everyone.


Saint really doesn’t want the job, but when the succubus Cryan approaches him in the coffee shop and offers him a big, fat envelope of cash to find her missing baby brother Atticus all he can think of is the past due rent.  Finding an incubus is a bad idea.  They are conniving, dangerous sex demons who drain people of blood and soul.  Unfortunately, this time taking the job means paying the rent.


When the two would be detectives locate Atticus and free him from an elderly vampire the young incubus is at death’s door.  The only way to save Atticus is to do something absolutely abhorrent to Saint.  Deciding to save the incubus allows something to occur neither saw coming.  Whatever bond was created will change their lives forever.  For good or bad they are linked, the truth will come out as to whether Atticus is an innocent. Nothing will be as it was for Saint and Atticus, nothing at all.


A truly engaging, entertaining series begins with The Virgin Incubus.  Complicated characters, twists, and a well paced plotline keep readers firmly entranced by The Virgin Incubus.  Saint is a complex, conflicted young man with family issues that hamper his decisions at times.  Atticus is absolutely innocent, pure.  The sweet incubus is pitted against his evil sister.  Strength and love prove Saint and Atticus winners here.  The Virgin Incubus is a genuinely addictive start.

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