IF THE VISCOUNT FALLS by Sabrina Jeffries

IF THE VISCOUNT FALLS by Sabrina Jeffries
If the Viscount Falls
by Sabrina Jeffries

Series: The Duke's Men #4
Published by Pocket Genres: Historical
Source: Publisher


Once upon a time, Dominick Manton had it all: a promising future and the love of his fiancée, Jane Vernon.  Then Dom’s life came crashing down around him, his inheritance stolen and the career he was to have taken from him.  He had no other choice than to trick Jane into jilting him before he dragged her down with him.


Twelve years later, Dom’s brother – the author of all the ills he and his half-siblings suffered – is gone and Dom has not only a successful investigation business, but the viscountcy as well.  There’s just one thing missing from his life: Jane.  She’s engaged to another and Dom won’t let himself think on what he lost by pushing her away all those years ago.  But fate hands him a chance when Jane comes to him for help.  Nancy, her cousin and Dom’s widowed sister-in-law, is missing.  For the first time in well over a decade, Dom and Jane must work together to solve a mystery that could change their lives forever.  And close quarters might just mean that Dom has a chance to win back the heart of the only woman who has ever held his.


I absolutely love a good second chance romance, and If the Viscount Falls is a great one.  Sabrina Jeffries’s final Duke’s Men novel brings this fantastic series to a satisfying close with a romance between two headstrong characters that is sure to make you smile.


I’ve been intrigued by Dom since meeting him in ‘Twas the Night After Christmas (the final Hellions of Halstead Hall book).  Dom can be serious and autocratic, but he’s had to be to survive and thrive in the conditions his brother’s betrayal threw him all those years ago.  Dom may be bossy, but he’ll sacrifice himself in a heartbeat for others.  He’s got a good heart, and when combined with his sharp mind and hidden sensuality, he makes an excellent hero.  It takes a strong heroine to match Dom, and Jane is exactly that.  She’s an intelligent woman who doesn’t back down from anyone or anything.  Long ago, she might have allowed Dom to sweep her up, but now with her feet firmly planted on the ground, he has to work to win her heart.  They’ve been apart twelve years, and it’s not a simple matter of true love making everything right.  Dom and Jane have to work for their happily ever after, and I loved that about them.  Their romance is passionate and engaging, and the back-and-forth between them makes the pages of If the Viscount Falls fly by.


A dash of mystery the missing Nancy and her possible condition provide rounds out If the Viscount Falls.  The Nancy plot isn’t a contrivance that throws Jane and Dom together only to be forgotten.  Instead it’s a storyline (which I won’t spoil) that has real consequences for Dom and Jane, and it only makes you root for these two more.  This subplot also gives previous Duke’s Men heroes and heroines a chance to play their roles in reuniting Jane and Dom, which – as a fan of the series – I adored.  You don’t have to have read What the Duke Desires, When the Rogue Returns, or How the Scoundrel Seduces in order to enjoy Dom and Jane’s story, but I believe having done so made me love the book even more.  But whether you’re a fan of the Duke’s Men series or are just looking for a wonderfully entertaining historical romance, you’re sure to enjoy If the Viscount Falls.

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