DO YOU WANT TO START A SCANDAL by Tessa DareDo You Want to Start a Scandal by Tessa Dare
Series: Castles Ever After #4
Genres: Historical
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Avon



I have been slowly getting into historical romances author by author but after reading a few of Tessa Dare’s stories I knew I had to read Do You Want to Start a Scandal. This was such a fantastic read and I really enjoyed every moment of it.


Charlotte’s mother is ready to have her youngest daughter married off but Charlotte has other plans that don’t include a husband. Charlotte follows Piers into the library to warn him of her mother’s intentions. After overhearing a couple having sex Charlotte needs to escape before being noticed, but when Piers and her are caught together with no supervision the story begins and the plot starts to thicken. While Charlotte is looking for the mysterious lovers some abnormal things start to happen around her and what started out as a little investigation turns into something much more.


Charlotte has been added to my list of favorite heroines in a historical romance. She was smart, witty, and very sassy. She also held the power of reading people and being genuinely kind. There were some parts in the story that I just couldn’t help but laugh at because of the way her character was. Having the sex talk with her mother really cracked me up and that was one of the moments where I just loved her more. Of course she doesn’t want to be rude and she has to sit there and listen to it, yet she brings so much humor into the conversation.


The romance that was building between Charlotte and Piers was out of this world wonderful. Dare brought these two together so perfectly I couldn’t imagine them not ever getting together. Piers and Charlotte had instant attraction yet they were also building a friendship along the way that leads to them falling for one another. Them falling in love was paced perfectly, I mean after all they are practically thrown into an engagement but it was building and the more time that passed the more I believed this couple would really make it.


While Charlotte was falling in love with Piers and breaking down his walls I was doing the same thing. Piers had moments were he got all alpha male but yet I could see his barriers that he had in place start to fall for this sassy and witty woman. The plot reminded me a little bit of Clue without the murder and the candlestick but Do You Want to Start a Scandal was fun, heartfelt and full of humor. Dare writes with passion and her characters just shine! This is truly one of the best historical’s I have read all year and I can’t wait to see what Dare will come up with next.

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