WARLOCK UNBOUND by Dana Marie Bell

WARLOCK UNBOUND by Dana Marie Bell
Warlock Unbound
by Dana Marie Bell

Series: Heart's Desire #4
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Daniel Beckett is the last of the Beckett brothers (wizards and werewolves) to cast the spell that will bring his mate to him.  For weeks now, Daniel has been fighting his brother’s demands that he cast the spell with everything he is worth..  It’s not that Daniel doesn’t know who that spell will bring to him or that he doesn’t want her with him, it’s that he just knows that by calling her, it will start something that could lead to everyone’s doom.  But, finally, he has to give in and cast the spell, and hope.


Kerry Andrews also knows that she is Daniel’s mate, and she has acknowledged their attraction to each other long ago.  But as a human and a nurse, she has no sway in the world that Daniel lives in even though Kerry has been getting help from one of the most powerful women wizards around, who is her best friend’s grandmother.  Kerry has almost given up hope that Daniel will ever call her to his side when she just knows it has to happen.


What should have been a simple spell to bring Daniel and Kerry together, instead starts off a chain reaction that will put not only Kerry in danger, but will also reveal a hidden part of Kerry’s background that will have the potential to put her in even more danger than being targeted by the last of the evil Godwin warlock men.  Daniel and Kerry will have to work fast and believe in their love strongly to end not only all the treats to Kerry’s life, but also the Godwin threat to all each of the Beckett’s holds dear.  It comes down to a deadly fight of good power versus evil power, and the winners will win it all and, as normal, it appears that evil has stacked the deck.


Two lovers will fight not only for their right to a loving future, but for their very lives and those of their loved ones in Warlock Unbound.  It seems like I waited forever to see Daniel finally accept Kerry as his mate, and I was happy to see him finally do it.  I wasn’t surprised to learn that the Godwin wizard brothers had made a preemptive strike in this final round of their war against the Becketts.  However, I loved watching as all the Becketts and their mates came together to help Daniel and Kerry with their fights and to help them discover a way that Daniel and Kerry could be together forever.  While I enjoyed the final battle that ended the Godwin threat, I really loved being a fly on the wall on the family Samhain celebration the best.  I can safely say that the next generation of Becketts will keep everyone on their toes even more than these brothers.  Warlock Unbound is full of suspense and passion, with the perfect touches of humor and family bonding that will keep you turning the pages to see what will happen next.

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