WARLOCK UNBOUND by Stephani Hecht

WARLOCK UNBOUND by Stephani HechtWarlock Unbound by Stephani Hecht
Series: Detroit City Warlocks #2
Genres: MM, Urban Fantasy
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by MLR Press

Reviewed by Lisa

Blowing up his home with his parents inside was something Lucas will never live down even though it was a complete accident.  If that wasn’t horrible enough, Lucas is then picked up by humans and taken straight to a Warlock Internment Camp even though he was only fifteen at the time.


Ten long, tortuous years in the ridiculously termed ‘rehabilitation camp’ and Lucas is slowly, painfully dying from neglect and starvation.  The only thing keeping him going is Charlie, a childhood friend captured two years ago who’s also dying there.  They manage to keep each other from completely losing hope, but soon it won’t matter.


Lucas and Charlie are in such desperate straits that when help comes they don’t even realize it at first.  Members of the resistance, free warlocks, break into the camp and liberate everyone.  Among the group is Andor, a fighter and a doctor who can’t believe the state of the prisoners.  It’s questionable if Lucas and the others will even heal.  If they do it’s a long road and after meeting Lucas there’s nothing Andor won’t do to help the young warlock, nothing at all.  Mending a broken body is one thing, a shattered soul something else entirely.


Author Stephani Hecht pens an exciting, emotional drama in Warlock Unbound, book two in the Detroit City Warlocks series.  The character’s sense of desolation and sorrow comes though so well.  His lack of belief in himself and uncertainty in Andor’s love is sometimes overwhelming.  A positive outcome in Warlock Unbound makes all the angst worth wading through in this story.  Lucas and Andor deserve all the happiness they can hold onto.

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