WARRIOR ALPHA by Carole Mortimer

WARRIOR ALPHA by Carole Mortimer
Warrior Alpha
by Carole Mortimer

Series: Alpha #6
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
Source: Author

A childhood on the streets of Moscow followed by years of struggle in London made Nikolai Volkov into a distrustful loner.  As Head of Security for Gregori Markovic his job was extremely dangerous at times.  At least it used to be when Markovic’s father ran the business.  These days everything is legitimate though Gregori is still considered one of the Russian crime lords.  And because of that Nikolai will accompany his boss to a meeting in New York City where all the Russian family leaders are gathering.


Nikolai is a private, complicated man who’s truly pissed when he discovers Gregori has hired a bodyguard from Grayson Security for the upcoming meeting.  Word on the street is that someone wants to get to Gregori by killing his security head and best friend.


It’s up to Daisy Redmond to protect Nikolai by pretending to be his girlfriend.  Chafing at the need for a bodyguard and the undeniable chemistry between them, Nikolai and Daisy eventually give in and enjoy a passionate night together.  Afterwards they vow to put that night firmly in the past, return to London and go their own way.


Weeks later neither Nikolai nor Daisy have forgotten and when they come face to face once more…all bets are off.


The latest installment in the wildly popular Alpha series literally detonates with emotional passion in Warrior Alpha.  Intense, exciting characters.  Set within a tense storyline Nikolai and Daisy are high maintenance, risk takers who sizzle and pop together.  The Warrior Alpha plot simply strikes the match.  Another fine fast paced complicated romance from author Carole Mortimer.  Don’t mess with this Alpha.

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