WARRIOR’S REDEMPTION by Melissa MayhueWarrior's Redemption by Melissa Mayhue
Series: Daughter's of the Glen #9
Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Vanessa

For widower, Malcolm MacDowylt, marriage was a means to an end type of situation.  He then set his wife free to find her own happiness.  However, on the road to that happiness, she disappeared and was presumed dead.  Malcolm feels very responsible for her loss, and he is even more upset when his mother-in-law shows up seeking retribution.  She means to either get revenge on Malcolm or see that he gets rewarded for his part in her daughter’s disappearance.  Malcolm is honor bound to put other’s happiness and security above his own and he sets out to do that.  Yet, he wasn’t planning on swearing loyalty to his villainous brother, or discovering the strange lass in a circle of rocks who needs his assistance.  Malcolm soon finds himself on the road to redemption and righting some wrongs in order to obtain his happily ever after. 

Danielle “Dani” Dearmon has believed in Faeries for fifteen years despite the fact that she has never seen any evidence before her.  Dani believes the Faeries have a purpose for her, but she doesn’t yet know what it is.  On Halloween night, she seeks to ask for their assistance in bringing her to her purpose, and she is surprised to find herself in another century, in a strange country, with a rather gorgeous warrior to lead her on her path!  Yet Dani soon discovers that the old adage, “If you love something set it free.  If it returns to you then it is yours and if not it never was,” just may prove to be true for her.

Warrior’s Redemption is a sweet romance between Dani and Malcolm existing in another time.  I found myself having a difficult time getting drawn into Warrior’s Redemption, though.  It was as though I could feel the melancholy emanating from Malcolm in the beginning of Warrior’s Redemption, and I found this rather off-putting.  However, I soldiered on and discovered that Warrior’s Redemption was no different from other books written by Melissa Mayhue. 

I did not like that fact that all was not resolved in Warrior’s Redemption, but it was the perfect set-up for future books in the Daughters of the Glen series.  I also have to say it was rather annoying that both Dani and Malcolm believed that he needed to fulfill another boon, but I could understand that given what he had heard and the time they lived in. 

There were a few moments of slight humor and charming interactions between Dani and Malcolm in Warrior’s Redemption.  I found that Dani was exactly what Malcolm needed, and he never ever knew it.  The villain was truly nefarious in Warrior’s Redemption and deserves all that transpires to make things even.  While Warrior’s Redemption was an endearing read in the end, it just didn’t seem to be what I was looking for when all was said and done.   

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