The Way Love Goes
by Virna DePaul

Series: Home to Green Valley #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
Source: Author


Conor O’Neill is the middle of the O’Neill brother, and he is the one who came to the U.S. with his oldest brother to find their mother’s past.  While Conor is ready to stay in California, he is not quite sure of what he wants to do.  All he really knows is that he wants to be by the ocean.  Right now, he has opened up a surfing shop and is giving kids lessons. Conor is the most laid-back of the brothers and rolls with the flow, as it were.  So he rolled when a woman interrupted one of his surfing lessons with demands that they move to another area of the beach while pictures were taken.


Madlyn Sanchez is a wedding planner with a well-known and high priced firm. She is trying to earn a much owed promotion, so when a group of surfers were disrupting a client’s wedding pictures she went over to take care of it.  She was a bit surprised at how she instantly felt attracted to the sexy Irishman who was leading the lessons.  Little did she know that that encounter would change her life.


Conor was more than ready to learn more about Madlyn, and yet every time they started to get closer, secrets pulled her away.  Determined to convince her to give him a chance to get to know her, Conor follows Madlyn to her home in San Francisco and discovers exactly what she was keeping a secret—a child and a failed married.  Madlyn is torn.  She wants to explore what might be between her and Conor, and yet she also wants to protect her son from upheavals that might emotionally harm him.  When push comes to shove, Madlyn believes in Conor and gives them the chance to explore their attraction to see if it can become the love she has been looking for her entire adult life.  Conor grows to love Madlyn and her son more as each day passes, enough to move to San Francisco, and with the support of Madlyn, he might have discovered a profession that he can build and grow with. The future is looking bright for all parties as the holidays arrive, and Conor and Madlyn are looking forward to what the New Year will bring as their love, trust, and strength for each other grows.


A man looking for his way in life who lives by the sea meets a professionally driven woman and the outcome is a strong love in The Way Love Goes.  Conor was still looking for his future way when he met Madlyn who knew what she wanted professionally and yet still yearned for what she has never found personally.  I wondered if all would be lost when Conor figured out the truth of Madlyn’s secrets before she had the strength of trust to tell him about her son and living arrangements. I loved how when push came to shove, Madlyn chose Conor and what their love might bring instead of the status quo.  I also loved watching as Conor came to know and love Madlyn’s son.  Watching as they both worked through the many mines that can hamper the journey to forever, I knew by the end that Madlyn and Conor had the type of love that can overcome all obstacles if they work together.  The Way Love Goes begins with simple attraction and grows into a deep and strong love while getting past the many hurdles that can block some couples.  I’m very happy that yet another of the O’Neill brothers has found his pot of gold in California.

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