WEATHER THE STORM by Monette Michaels

WEATHER THE STORM by Monette Michaels
Weather The Storm
by Monette Michaels

Series: Security Specialists International #3
Published by Liquid Silver Books Genres: Suspense
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Elana Fabrizzio is a Washington DC college librarian who is working the late night shift.  The library is all but empty because of the big basketball game, so when Elana goes to gather the books that need to be put back she isn’t expecting to see many people.  That is exactly what she finds until she stumbles across a meeting and hears a murder for hire meeting.  Now all Elana can think of is to get out of there, alert the police and warn the subject of the murder plot – a woman she heard speak once. 

Vanko Petriv is an agent of SSI (Security Specialists International) currently visiting with family in New York when he receives a call to go and find Elana and keep her safe.  She is the best chance they have at finding the government spy that has not only threatened SSI’s employees but has also tried to kill the owner’s wife.  Vanko is instantly on the job and learns that he might be too late when Elana finds that she has bad guys after her already. 

Vanko saves Elana and gets her out of Washington DC but Mother Nature is against them and the weather is horrible.  Getting Elana back to SSI headquarters is out for now but Vanko believes he has a solution to keep her safe until the weather is better.  However, it seems that the news stories on Elana have alerted an enemy from Elana’s past.  Elana’s past is not what it seems and suddenly Vanko and Elana have to keep her safe from more than the government spy.  While all this is going on, an instant passion has sprung up between Elana and Vanko that both want the chance explore and they can only do so if they can defeat both threats to Elana.

A chance overheard meeting will bring a librarian and a security contractor together and lead to a lasting love.  Elana and Vanko discover that fighting for the chance to love is everything in Weather the Storm.  I have wanted Vanko to have his happy ever after since I met him in the very first book in the SSI series.  I truly thought that Elana was the perfect match for Vanko and loved just how much they had in common as her story slowly unrolled.  I enjoyed watching as they both used every trick they could to have the chance to have that future that was just beyond their reach.  I really loved that Elana fought just as hard in her own way as Vanko did to defeat every threat that they faced.  I have to say that I flipped the last page closed with a satisfied sigh.  Weather the Storm is a thriller with equal amounts of suspense and passion drawn together in the way that only Ms. Monette can to keep you involved and believing that the characters are someone you could meet at any time.

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