WHISKEY AND WRY by Rhys FordWhiskey and Wry by Rhys Ford
Series: Sinners #2
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Confined to an asylum in the Montana boonies the young man is repeatedly told his name is Stephen Thompson and he’s suffering from grandiose delusions of rock stardom.  The thing is – he knows he’s Damien Mitchell, founder and lead bass player for Sinner’s Gin, the hottest band on the planet.  His body is covered in what appears to be recent surgery stitches, among other things so why won’t they listen to him?  When a fire breaks out Damien makes his move.  Incredibly he’s helped by a gunman shooting at him.


Months later his memories are still somewhat scrambled and headaches continue to plague Damien, but he’s back in San Francisco and playing on the streets he remembers from the past when he and Miki St. John began their band.  Finnegan’s Pub was a favorite for them until the owner, a little old Irish woman, always chased them off.


This time it’s different because his gran has passed and Sionn Murphy is the man in charge.  At first Sionn plans to ask the busker to move on, but the hauntingly intense young man pulls the Irishman every which way.  Days pass as Sionn and the man called ‘Dee’ begin a tentative friendship.  Damien is desperate to find his Miki, but he has yet to tell Sionn the truth.  Slowly he begins to open up.  It’s going well until someone begins shooting, again.


Author Rhys Ford deftly weaves a tragic tale into a heart swelling triumph with Whiskey and Wry.  Book two in the Sinner’s series returns to the world of the Sinner’s Gin band and a certain complicated Irish family in another addictive drama.  Readers are drawn back into more twisted mysteries and great characterizations.  A wholly damaged soul Damien will break your heart and Sionn will mend it back together.  An absolute page turner these characters won’t leave you.  I Joyfully recommend Whiskey and Wry. Laughter and tears and everything in between.

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