Wicked Dark Dragon
by Lolita Lopez

Published by Forever Yours Genres: Paranormal
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Ivy Morales is a college student who thought going to Mexico for spring break would be a fun break.  That was until she was captured and thrown into a prison by some really nasty people—people who seem to know about her gift of seeing things and are trying to break her to use her for something evil.  Ivy is determined not to break or give in.  Ivy has always known she was different and not just because of her gift.  It’s while in that prison that she learns the truth about herself and also sees a man that can help her—if she can just get him to see and understand her.


Ian Madoc is a Welsh Dragon shifter, and he is also one of the Brotherhood of the Green Hide.  Ian isn’t sure what is going on as he begins to dream strange things night after night until he realizes he is seeing someone’s dream life in the dream.  The outcome of this is he learns that a sexy female half-dragon is being held against her will and needs his help to escape.  Ian is not about to ignore her pleas, because Ian has also figured something else about Ivy. She is his mate.


Ian arrives to the same prison where Ivy is being held and ends up a prisoner with her, which was part of his plan, but that plan went a bit awry and the rescue doesn’t go the way he planned at all.  Now, both Ian and Ivy are keeping  each other sane while waiting for the rest of the Brotherhood to show up and get them out.  During this time, Ian is forced to watch Ivy be tortured, and it’s killing him hour-by-hour.  The only good thing about this time is that Ivy and Ian get to know each other while they wait. They also have to fight the attraction that could weaken them if they give in to it. Finally, they are rescued and believed to be taken to a safe place, but a double betrayal not only places Ivy and Ian at deadly risk, but also might destroy the Brotherhood.  When the fighting is over, just who will come out the winners?


An ancient dragon shifter and a young half dragon with strong powers come together in a dangerous situation where only love will get them through.  Wicked Dark Dragon is an action-packed and very unusual love story.  After all, who would think a prison and torture would be the perfect background for a love story?  Yet, I felt it worked for Ian and Ivy’s story, even with all the hardships they went through.  I might have been just as mad as Ian and Ivy about the betrayal and where it came from, and I really hope that karma strikes the betrayers hard. I loved watching as Ian protected Ivy as much as he could while they were captured. I also loved how Ivy could use Ian’s strength to keep her going when it was tough.  Wicked Dark Dragon is full of suspense, passion and, best of all, the journey of two strong people falling in love.

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