WILD HORSES by Kate Pavelle

WILD HORSES by Kate Pavelle
Wild Horses
by Kate Pavelle

Series: A Steele City Story
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, Gay
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Never in a million years would Kai Alewright have imagined how low he would be forced to sink.  Life had never been easy but lately it’s a daily struggle to survive.  Eventually the day comes when Kai steals from a businessman outside a prominent hotel.

Award winning horse and rider trainer Attila Keleman hates to be in the city, let alone speaking at a seminar.  His day becomes more stressful when a young man on an ancient bike steals his wallet and cell phone.  As far as Attila is concerned the thief can keep the money, but he needs his phone which has all his contact information and training data. 

Receiving a rebuking message from the phone’s owner Kai reflects on the chiding tone and his conscience.  Kai makes the decision to return the phone by riding his bike all the way to the owner’s home far outside the city.  He’s about to discover that kindness and respect aren’t dying concepts in the arms of a reclusive horse trainer.

There’s nothing tame about a rocky romance while finding true love in Wild Horses.  Author Kate Pavelle pens a layered, detailed, emotionally fraught tale of wounded souls who discover that together they can find redemption and happiness.  Kai and Attila are complete opposites in life history and style, yet mesh perfectly once fate brings them to each other’s notice.  Fighting challenges against their relationship further strengthens their resolve.  Wild Horses blends Kai and Attila’s personal and professional lives to perfection in this heartwarming and tender love story.

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