WILD: Part 2 by Vivi Anna

WILD: Part 2 by Vivi Anna
Wild: Part 2
by Vivi Anna

Series: Bear Essential Billionaire #2
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal
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Sylvie grew up in the foster system and learned to take care of herself at an early age.  Life in Vancouver wasn’t easy, but she was doing okay until a sweet talking man convinced her to leave town with him.  She walked straight into a nightmare.


Escaping the horrors of his camp, Sylvie is hiding in a boat when she first meets Alex Torben and his brother.  Alex offers her a chance to catch her breath, food, and a roof over her head.  Trust is something in short supply for the frightened woman, but there’s something about the gentle giant that soothes Sylvie.  Taking a chance on a man got her into this mess, yet Alex seems so different.


Part two in the riveting Wild series has Sylvia and Alex struggling to trust each other.  Still traumatized, Sylvie is trying to believe that she’s found someone to care for her while Alex is dealing with his own surprises.  The characters grasp at their future as readers know the danger draws near.  Mysteries remain unanswered and the cliffhangers continue in the addictive Wild.

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