WILD ROSE, SILENT SNOW by Angel Martinez

WILD ROSE, SILENT SNOW by Angel MartinezWild Rose, Silent Snow by Angel Martinez
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

Brothers Snowden and Rowan Hadley are barely making ends meet at the lake house their parents left them.  The inheritance which would have made life easier is stuck in probate because of some greedy relatives contesting the will.  Without the funds to fight them the brothers are having a rough time surviving.


Bear tracks in the snow are a recent worry, yet when Rowan comes face to face with the awesome creature the bear acts more human than animal.  Days pass and Rowan begins to relax around the bear.  Discovering a naked man in the woods drastically changes their perception of what is going on.


Arcadius ‘Cade’ Meade reluctantly tells them a wild tale of magic, of his own arrogance and stupidity, and most importantly of his innocent brother’s plight.  Cade’s actions had dire consequences for his younger brother Griffin.


As Rowan and Snowden become involved in Cade’s dilemma they risk their own lives.  Developing feelings between each set of brother’s could cost them all more than they are able to pay, yet they can’t turn their backs on what the future could possibly hold.


Author Angel Martinez pens a truly unique, tantalizing tale of magical power and passion.   A clever blend of fantasy and romance comes alive in this special story.  Rowan and Snowden’s special bond brings an original perspective to the plotline.   Wild Rose, Silent Snow isn’t too be missed as readers are drawn into this riveting and chilling love story of magic and mayhem.

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