WILD WOLF by Jennifer Ashley

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WILD WOLF by Jennifer AshleyWild Wolf by Jennifer Ashley
Series: Shifters Unbound #6
Published by Berkley Publishing Group Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by Jo

Graham, an Alpha wolf, knew that when his shiftertown was forced to merge with another in Vegas there would be problems.  The least of which would be two Alphas used to ruling in the same town.  And he has been proven correct, because Graham has not mate claimed anyone yet, now he is being forced to endure his pack leaders “help” in finding what they consider a proper mate no matter what Graham thinks.  Right now mating is really the last thing on Graham’s agenda but he knows that his mateless time is quickly coming to an end.


Misty is a human florist who has no problems with shifters shopping at her shop or just hanging with them.  In fact she has an on again/off again boyfriend who is a wolf shifter – Graham.  Misty knows that one of their issues is that she is human but Graham keeps so much bottled up that it is a total guess to Misty on what else could be a problem.  When Misty is attacked in her shop by bad guys looking for her younger brother, Misty automatically called Graham.  Now she has been kidnapped and taken away from her shop and Misty can only hope that Graham will be able to find her in time to save her and her brother.


Graham can’t believe just how messed up his life has become in the last few months and now Misty has been taken and he has little to go on, but nothing is going to stop him from getting her back.  Saving Misty went fine until bullets started flying and now it’s Misty turn to help Graham.  By the end of that day, things are going to get much messier for both Graham and Misty.  It seems that some of the Fae want their “pets” back and on their own terms.  If that isn’t enough to heap on the struggles that shifters are going through, the human police are appearing in the Vegas shiftertown searching for who knows what.  Misty and Graham’s budding love will be stretched to its thinnest point by the time Graham and the shifters learn how to save the shifters from the Fae once and for all.  However, has one of the grouchiest Alphas around learned the secret of love in time to save his love with Misty, the mate of his heart and can his pack leaders accept his choice of a human?


A human woman who not only likes shifters but has fallen in love with one must help an Alpha wolf learn that love doesn’t mean weak.  Misty and Graham learn that the journey to love isn’t always easy but is worth the battles with your mate beside you in Wild Wolf.    There are several times when I thought that Misty would have been in her right mind to tell Graham off and go on with her life, but I was so happy she stubbornly held on.   I found the Graham’s biggest problem was trying to protect and help everyone else and leaving himself for last when his happiness and mating was exactly the stability his pack needed.  I loved how Graham and Misty, with friends, went up against the mighty Fae and won the day while keeping the shifters true strength secret.  Wild Wolf is packed full of suspense, humor and passion that all combine to make Graham and Misty’s story a page turner until the last.  Things are hopping in the shiftertowns and I can’t wait until the next adventure to see what happens next.

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