WINGS OF EXILE by Ellen Cross

WINGS OF EXILE by Ellen CrossWings of Exile by Ellen Cross
Series: Preternatural Rescue Centre #10
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
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Shadowkin and dark Mage leader Denzel’s recent explosion of evil has left a jagged tear in the Veil.  Beings of heaven above will do their part to heal the damage and stop banished creatures from escaping their fate.  Gregorian angel Dorian and an apprentice are tasked with observing the after effects of the damage.


After surveying the rupture Dorian feels compelled to seek out the shadowkin and their leader.  Tracking them down the Gregorian angel witnesses Denzel torturing a captured guardian, the demon Roman.  The guardian is unable to protect himself now that he’s been infected with a pellet of shadowkin virus.  Roman is also unable to fight anything Denzel commands him to do, including killing his friends.


Guilt is already eating at the demon for what he’s been forced to do.  By rights no one should be able to see Dorian, yet Roman can as he lies writhing on the floor asking the angel to end his life.  Prohibited from interacting with others, even touching is forbidden to Dorian.  Watching Roman suffer however is becoming more than the angel can bear.  His merest touch will cause Dorian to fall.  Is a demon worth an angel’s fall to Earth?


The darkest story yet in the Preternatural Rescue Centre series comes to life in the tenth story, Wings of Exile.  Evil forces bent on destruction give the guardians their most difficult fight to date.  One of their own, the demon Roman is made to suffer greatly before the Gregorian angel makes the ultimate sacrifice in Wings of Exile.  Deadly drama, great characters, and a chilling plotline will definitely hold readers enthralled.  Roman and Dorian’s poignant love story is something special.  Dark foes, sacrifice, and destiny.  This series rocks.

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