ON WINGS OF THUNDER by M. D. GrimmOn Wings of Thunder by M. D. Grimm
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press


A millennium ago the five most powerful angels gave up their lives in order to save the three realms from their dreaded enemy Asagoroth, the great dragon demon who promised to destroy them all.  History records the destruction of Asagoroth.  However, they were only able to imprison the great dragon.


The angel Trystan is surrounded by his people day and night, yet lonely beyond words.  At birth he was called Unchosen.  With no chance of career or relationship few bother the shy angel.  In truth his parents pretend Trystan doesn’t exist and his older siblings ignore him.  Only his sister Annalise spends time with her little brother.


Bullied and forgotten Trystan loves to spend time in the Center Garden.  Harassed by others yet again, Trystan accidentally discovers a hidden well with an intricate dragon carving.  A mystery to be solved, Trystan inadvertently sets in motion a pre-ordained situation.


Lies and bigotry rush forth as the angel and the freed demon search for a safe home in the cosmos.  As they try to stop history from repeating itself their one chance may already be gone.


An excellent twisting tale of fate and destiny is revealed in On Wings of Thunder.  Author M.D. Grimm pens a story of acceptance, redemption, and love in equal measure.  Absolutely riveting, On Wings of Thunder is a timely tale of forgiveness absolution.  Trystan and Asagoroth battle racism of heavenly proportions.  Excellent visualizations, exciting storyline, and moral issues to ponder.  A great page turner.

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