THE WINTER PRINCE by R. CooperThe Winter Prince by R. Cooper
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press



In childhood Kisin Bey and Razin were the very best of friends, sharing adventures and mischief in equal measure.  As they grew into men everything changed.  Friendship evolved into something much deeper though neither were strong enough to say the words.


Prince Kisin Bey accepted his responsibilities and became the Captain of the Immortal Guard for the next ruler of Pansan, his sister Ceren Beygum.  As for Razin his gifts were revealed and became the apprentice to the palace wizard.


During training exercises in the mountains Kisin made a wish.  With the appearance of an all powerful Pari, the strongest of wizards, his wish was granted.  Unable to handle the yearnings he felt Kisin wished his heart away.


Three years have passed since that fateful meeting.  Where his heart once beat and kept his body warm ice now forms.  In essence the prince is dying and won’t last another winter.  Apathy has replaced emotion.  Kisin no longer cares whether he lives or dies.  But someone does care and he will do everything possible to save his prince.  Razin will find the Pari and make Kisin whole once more.


The Winter Prince is a rich blend of fantasy, unrequited love, and drama.  Prince Kisin and the wizard Razin take readers on an angst ridden adventure where moments of happiness are few and far between.  This unique story is laid out somewhat like an old fashioned fable with detail and imagination.  For Kisin and Razin, love is truly blind.


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