WINTER’S TALE by Emma Holly

WINTER’S TALE by Emma Holly
Winter's Tale
by Emma Holly

Series: Hidden #3.5
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Something sexy is afoot at Rackham's School for Young Ladies. Half-faerie, half-elf Hans Winter broke the heart of the wrong princess. Cursed to live as a statue at a school for human girls, only true love-and true bravery-can free him. December Worth never met a rule she didn't want to break, as the numerous institutions that have expelled her can attest. Bravery she can handle. Love she's less sure about, especially if it involves believing in fairytales. A kiss seems like the last thing these lonely souls would share, until one night in the cemetery where Hans stands trapped, Fate brings stone and flesh together . . .

December Worth could be called a problem child or even an instigator.  The truth is that unless she sees the reason for the rule, why bother following it.  She has been drifting her entire life to find something that pulls her in that direction.  Once again, December has been thrown out of her boarding school and her parents have sent her to her last chance to obtain the last of her education and make something of herself.  So December finds herself at Rackham’s School for Young Ladies.  Right off December realizes that something is off with some of the teachers. 

December follows her normal trend of hunting all the hidden spots of the school to learn what is what.  This leads her to a statue that not only draws her attention, but also leads to very hot and steamy dreams.  Hans Winter is half elf and half faerie who ended up on the wrong side of the faerie queen’s temper and is now encased in a stone statue and can only be freed by loved.  When December finds Hans in a seemingly forgotten cemetery, Hans believes she just might finally be the one that will free him. 

December tries to figure out if she is suddenly having a breakdown at a really young age or if Hans is a real person and has been cursed.  As December and Hans both work to free him, it seems that the faerie queen isn’t ready to let bygones be bygones and has set up a plot to not only keep Hans cursed but to lead to his being destroyed forever.  When push comes to shove, will Hans and December find the keys to free both of them for a lifetime of love or will the faerie queen get her ultimate revenge.

Take one inquisitive student, one hot and seemingly forgotten male statue and one revengeful and powerful queen and you have the twisted plot which only true love could defeat.  Hans and December learn just what love is capable of in Winter’s Tale.  I felt sorry for Hans as I learned just what had been done to him and why.  December’s hunt for her new school’s secrets brought her more than she would have imagined when she not only found Hans’ statue but captured his love.  I loved how the night everything came down, it was the instant trust that happened between Hans and December that brought them to safety and to a future both only dreamed about.  Winter’s Tale is a tale of jealously, passion, revenge and the best type of love, all of which combines allowing two people to find each other under the most unexpected circumstances. A great way to spend a few hours on a chilly winter’s night.


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