WINTER’S THAW by Mari Carr & Jayne Rylon

WINTER’S THAW by Mari Carr & Jayne Rylon
Winter's Thaw
by Jayne Rylon, Mari Carr

Series: Compass Girls #1
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Erotica, Western
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Miranda

Sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan. Sometimes it’s better. Compass Girls, Book 1Sienna Compton has it all figured out. Her life’s goals are set and it is all systems go. At least, it was. Until her long-time boyfriend Josh threw a ringer into the master plan, requesting a “break” from their relationship. Now she’s left alone during the long, cold Wyoming winter, questioning what her heart has always believed to be true love. Daniel Lennon is facing an uncertain future. When a tragic accident leaves him unable to pursue his career as a professional bull rider, he finds himself at Compass Ranch, working to help Sienna’s father, Seth, build his horse breeding business. One look at Sienna has Daniel envisioning things he never imagined wanting—a permanent home, love, marriage—and he’s willing to use all the red-hot tricks in his sexual arsenal to melt the ice surrounding Sienna’s broken heart. When lust turns to genuine emotion, can Daniel convince Sienna to take a chance on something different and unexpected? Can he persuade her to consider a new path, one that will lead her directly to his arms...forever? Warning: Roping and riding, past and future, cold winter and fiery desire, lust and love all come together in this new Compass series. Saddle up and hang on. The Comptons are back!

Sienna Compton has had her life planned out practically since birth.  She’s going to marry her high school sweetheart Josh and they will have one big happy family.  However, things change rapidly when Josh needs a little “me” time and a handsome stranger walks into Sienna’s life.

Professional Bull Rider Daniel Lennon was forced to retire after a horrible accident.  He’s been content to travel until he finds himself at Compass Ranch helping Seth Compton with his horse breeding business.  Daniel can see himself staying here forever especially after he gets a good look at Seth’s daughter Sienna.  But can he convince Sienna that he’s the man to change her plans for?

Mari Carr and Jayne Rylon take us back to Compass Ranch and it’s filled with a new generation of Compton women ready to find love.  I wasn’t sure I was ready to revisit the powerful Compton men so soon after the first series, but I was pleased with Sienna and Daniel’s story.  Sienna is your typical stubborn Compton.  She’s so determined for her life to go a certain way and she gets very frustrated when life throws her a curve.  Good thing Daniel is determined as well.  Daniel and Sienna are downright hot together. The emotions between then are high and provide tons of heat.

I really love the relationship between all of the Compton girls.  They provide lots of laughs and love in this story and I look forward to the rest of them finding their true love.  Carr and Rylon give the reader lots of heart in the powerfully romantic Winter’s Thaw.

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