WINTER’S WOLF by Tara Lain

WINTER’S WOLF by Tara Lain
Winter's Wolf
by Tara Lain

Series: Tales of the Harker Pack #3
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: GLBT, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Winter Thane has grown up in the wilds of Canada with mostly just his father being around, because his father left his pack in the states for some reason that Winter never knew.  Winter has always been more attracted to males rather than females, however, his father has drummed into him that wolves aren’t gay.  Now Winter and his father are headed back to their family’s pack in Connecticut so that Winter can hopefully find a mate—a female mate if his father has anything to say to it.


Matt Partridge is an FBI agent who has been working on cases in Connecticut and is trying to wrap up one last one, which is a bit harder as his partner isn’t with him anymore.  Matt is gay, but due to the FBI’s and the government’s attitude with gay agents, Matt has been very quiet about his sexual preferences.  That is, until the night he is getting a beer with friends and meets a man who brings out instant lust in Matt.


At first notice, Winter knows immediately that Matt is a man he wants.  It doesn’t take long for Matt and Winter to explode into a serious case of lust at first sight.  But issues on both sides have them keep that first incident just between themselves, and they go their separate ways. Winter goes on with his new life of trying to fit into a strange pack—one that definitely has gay wolves in it.  Along the way, Winter finds out information both about a coup that might happen in the Pack and information that Matt needs to help solve his latest case.  With Matt and Winter now working in close quarters, their feelings for each other can’t be avoided.  The questions are: Can they find a way to become a couple and have a future? And just how will the Pack deal with Matt and Matt with the concept of werewolves?


Take one semi-wild werewolf and put him together with one secretly gay FBI agent, mix in a pack that is split between the old way and the new ones, and a dangerous case, and you have one bumpy romance.  That is exactly what Winter and Matt face in Winter’s Wolf.  I already knew I liked Matt from his appearance in previous books, and it didn’t take me long to love Winter’s straight forward way of approaching life.  There were several times I wanted to smack Winter’s father, at least until more of his last few years with the Pack came out.  Then I had to laugh at how previous characters in the series were intertwined in this book.  I really enjoyed watching as Matt and Winter found a way to have each other and get their forever.  I will also say that there is one feisty grandfather that I really wanted to hug by the end of the book.  Winter’s Wolf is packed with passion and suspense with almost equal humor and danger elements, which made Winter and Matt’s journey to love one I loved from first page to last.

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