WIRED by Julie Garwood

WIRED by Julie GarwoodWired by Julie Garwood
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Berkley Publishing Group

Boston college senior Allison Trent carries a huge secret close to her heart.  Anyone who knows Allison is well aware of her intelligence and looking at her it’s no surprise that she’s a successful model.  No one however is aware that within that smart brain lies a brilliant hacker.  Allison can’t let anyone know that her computer skills far exceed everyone because she hasn’t been completely legal on the web.


Life hasn’t been easy for Allison.  At the tender age of four she and her ten-year-old sister Charlotte were orphaned and went from a loving home to their cold, austere aunt and uncle.  Cousin Will was a troublesome brat whose parents fawned on him and ignored the girls.


Sharing a house with two other college students becomes the best time of Allison’s life.  Thriving at school, modeling on the side for funds, and becoming best friends with Jordan Clayborne, another talented computer whiz, gives Allison everything she craves.


When Jordan invites her to view an offsite FBI facility Allison agrees to go.  She quickly wishes she’d never set foot in the place once she meets FBI Agent Liam Scott.  Allison recognizes him from a seminar Jordan gave.  Somehow Liam knows she’s holding something back.  If Allison isn’t careful the truth will come out.  Desperate for help Liam won’t take a negative answer.  Talk about a rock and a hard place.


Julie Garwood pens another masterful suspense story.  The best-selling author knows exactly how to create characters who come alive on the page.  Wired is both heartwarming and tense at the same time.  Allison will wrap herself around the reader’s heart while the plotline twists and turns.   As Wired gains momentum the dangers mount for Allison.  At the same time her relationship with Liam becomes more intense.  Neither wishes for love to enter the equation, but fighting their feelings for each other becomes as dangerous as the evil closing in.  Wired is an absolutely wonderful story.  Readers clear your schedule.

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