WOLF AT THE DOOR by N. J. Walters

WOLF AT THE DOOR by N. J. Walters
Wolf at the Door
by N. J. Walters

Series: Salvation Pack #1
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Gwendolyn Jones grabbed at the chance to follow her dream and write full time when she inherited a cabin in Tennessee.  Gwen’s dream of writing isn’t what most people would call the great American novel, but her interest in the paranormal or just plain “other” is her subject matter and proving it doesn’t exist.  A chance call and meeting in a cemetery gives Gwen data she never expected and an up close and personal entry into the world of werewolves, it turns of to be  nothing like she ever dreamed of.


Jacque LaForge is the alpha of the small pack of wolves. They broke out of his father’s pack – mainly because they didn’t want to live with pack rules any longer.  However, Jacque and the others know that if that information that was given to Gwen ever gets out – his father’s pack will strike first and not bother with the questions. He pays Gwen a visit that same night to retrieve the data, but a funny thing happens when he realizes that Gwen is his mate. Now he has two missions – to protect his small breakaway pack and to protect Gwen from everyone.


Gwen’s first impulse is to escape Jacque, but when she is injured, he and his pack not only take care and heal her but show her that werewolves also have the everyday worries and concerns like everyone else.  Jacque will do anything to keep Gwen safe, to prove to her that the feelings that are between them are the lasting type and that she is his mate – forever. The fight is on and mating is the goal if they can defeat those sent to destroy them all.


A writer wanting to expose the paranormal in the world is surprised when she meets and falls for an alpha werewolf in Wolf at the Door. I’m honestly not sure who was more surprised – Gwen or Jacque when they discovered their instantaneous passion between them.  Their path to mating might not have been smooth, but once Jacque and Gwen accepted the truth, nothing, not even a hostile and murderous pack will keep them apart.  I really enjoyed watching as both Gwen and Jacque journey from an argument to passion to a forever mating filled with love.  I also enjoyed seeing how the others who broke away with Jacque begin to believe that love might be in their futures as well.  I know that life will not be easy any time soon for Gwen or Jacque while the threat of his father’s pack is out there. I also know that handling it as a team will be much richer than alone.  Wolf at the Door is full of suspense, passion, death and humor all mixed together and rolled into a great story of unexpected love and the paranormal.


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