Wolf from the Past
by N. J. Walters

Series: Salvation Pack #4
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Gator Rollins, along with his friends, left their old pack and its abusive Alpha and rules. Now, they have their own pack, Salvation, but they are still always on the watch for danger, because no one ever leaves their old pack and because they have not only left, but are starting new and fulfilling lives.  Gator has watched as three of his friends have found and mated with women they love.  While he is very happy for them, Gator feels the same heartache he has felt since he loved a woman who died.


Sylvie LaForge Dubois is a dead woman, well as far as the majority of her old pack is concerned.  Actually, she is an abused woman who got away from her mate, because she was thought to be dead, and she ran.  Now, Sylvie is tired of running and after being told about the Salvation Pack and who they are, she is reaching out to see if maybe, just maybe, she could find a spot there where she won’t have to worry day in and day out.  Sylvie knows that it won’t be easy coming back from the dead and that it could truly mean her death.


Gator is beyond stunned when that intruder he was tracking turned out be Sylvie, the woman he loved and lost so long ago. She is also the sister of one of his best friends and a member of the new pack. A few misunderstandings almost have Sylvie convinced that she must disappear yet again, but those are quickly over. Now her biggest concern is Gator, the one wolf she is attracted to and partially scared of, having barely survived a strong and dominate werewolf mate before.  Gator is not about to let anyone or anything take Sylvie away from him again, not her brother, not this pack, and certainly not anyone from their old pack.  When yet another threat to the Salvation Pack and Sylvie shows up, Gator is just the man to take care of things.  At last, Gator can show Sylvie how he feels and learns that their passion is mutual.  The future is beginning to look bright for Gator and Sylvie, yet everyone in the Salvation Pack knows that the danger is not over so long as their old pack knows about Sylvie—not counting that the Salvation Pack itself is on the hit list of their old Alpha.  But for now, Gator and Sylvie are the newest mates to be celebrated and welcomed.


A second chance at love and happiness come to two werewolves who both thought they had lost their chances forever in The Wolf from the Past.  I could only cheer as Sylvie’s story came out at how strong she had been to not only overcome the abuse, but to survive on her own for so long.  I always knew that Gator would be a strong lover and mate to the right person. It didn’t take long for me to understand that Sylvie was just that person.  I smiled a few times as the maneuvers happened in the Salvation Pack to embrace Sylvie and Gator having to deal with his best friend and Sylvie’s brother.  I had no doubt that Gator would protect his pack and especially Sylvie when the danger came, and he proved me so right.  I loved it when Gator and Sylvie finally got the chance to experience the love that both were so sure had passed them by.  Wolf from the Past had not only the danger that I have come to expect in Salvation pack stories, but also the passion and, in this case, the best type—a second chance for a pair who had given up hope.  Gator and Sylvie prove that love can triumph over just about anything when given the chance.

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