WOLF IN HIS HEART by N. J. Walters

WOLF IN HIS HEART by N. J. WaltersWolf in His Heart by N. J. Walters
Series: Salvation Pack #7
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Reviewer
Published by Samhain Publishing


Sage Gallagher is all grown up and a fierce member of the Salvation Pack.  He is now an organic farmer and a man who helps defend his pack.  Sage might only be a half-breed and one that can’t shift, but inside, he is all wolf.  Sage was a teen when he, his uncle, and his twin became members of the pack and although it took a while, Sage knows now that there is no other place he would want to be.


Rina Matheson is a full wolf on the run.  Rina comes from an old fashioned pack, and when she refused to mate with the man her parents selected for her, she was forced out of the pack.  Now several years later, Rina is traveling for safety, and she is headed to a pack she has heard might be willing to accept her and keep her safe because of their forward-thinking attitudes, especially now that there is a man who knows about her secret and has decided she will make a great wolf skin rug.


When Sage meets Rina, he instantly knows that she could be his mate and that she is way too scared.  His wolf wants to protect her, and Sage is in full agreement, however, Rina isn’t too sure about Sage after learning he is a half-breed because, in her old pack, he would have been killed just for being.  Sage finally gets Rina to the pack and while he knows she will be accepted, especially because of who she is to him, but she is afraid to accept the easy acceptance with the threat she brings with her.  Sage, through his quiet strength and passion, proves to Rina that his love and ability to protect is just as powerful as a full-blooded wolf and that his pack is more than willing to accept her.  With the help of his pack, Sage and Rina take care of the threat to Rina.  Now the way is clear for the love, if only Sage can convince Rina that she can finally stop running and feel safe and loved.


A scared wolf on the run meets a half-breed wolf who can’t shift and together they learn the truth about strength, love, and pack in Wolf in His Heart.  I was worried that Sage would be left out in the dark without a mate after meeting him as a teen, and I was so happy to see him not only find a great mate, but one that really understood him.  I was worried that Rina had been too hurt and scared to accept what Sage and the rest of the Salvation Pack offered her, but I loved watching as she slowly opened up and accepted what was offered.  The danger was strong, but I love how each and every pack member stepped up to keep everyone safe and to eliminate this latest threat.  I also loved how Sage’s twin, Reece, came back when he was needed and how fast he was to accept Rina as Sage’s mate and not a person who could come between them.  Now I really want Reece to find his mate and come home.  Wolf in His Heart takes love and danger and twists them together with touches of humor and passion to make one satisfying story of love, even when the odds are against you.


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