WOLF ON THE HUNT by N. J. Walters

WOLF ON THE HUNT by N. J. Walters
Wolf on the Hunt
by N. J. Walters

Series: Salvation Pack #5
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Gray Everson is a painter just looking for a peaceful place to live and create her art.  When she found a small cabin in the woods that she could rent, Gray jumped on it, even when she was told that the current owner of the cabin had been attacked by a wolf.  After all, how often could that happen? Maybe that shouldn’t have been a question asked.


Louis LaForge is a werewolf and the brother to the Alpha of the Salvation Pack.  Louis has slowly watched each member of his pack find their mates and has overseen their pack grow with each mating.  Louis has just about given up hope of ever finding his mate, so he has put all of his strength into protecting his pack.  Right now all of the men are waiting for the next shoe to drop, because it’s just been too quiet, and they all know that their old Alpha, Louis’ father, has not given up on his quest to destroy Salvation.


While out on routine security rounds, Louis decides to check a pack member’s cabin.  It’s a fateful decision.  Not only does Louis meet Gray, but he is also shot and injured by some local hunters.  Gray is worried when she hears the gunshots and mad when she finds the shot wolf.  Once Gary gets Louis to her cabin, she gets rid of the hunters and then discovers that her “wolf” is a very special man.  Louise realizes immediately that Gray is his mate, now he just needs to convince her and show her that taking a chance on him and their mating will lead to a passion-filled future.  But, of course, during this time, his father decides to mount an attack meant to take out all the members of the Salvation Pack.  Hidden allies are going to have to make choices that can never be changed.  When the dust settles, has the Salvation Pack survived to live another day?  And even with the danger, has Louis shown Gray that she will never regret giving their mating a chance?


When the last unmated member of the Salvation Pack meets the new artist renting a pack member’s cabin, passion is instant and love is right around the corner in Wolf on the Hunt.  Louis and Gray have the odds against them as they begin their journey towards their forever love.  Louis knows it’s hard enough to convince a human to take a chance on a werewolf, and now with the danger involved, it’s even longer odds, or so Louis believes.  Gray might not have expected the wolf she saved to become a sexy man but she could not deny the passion between them once she discovers Louis’ secret.  I enjoyed watching as Louis and Gray not only grabbed at their chance for love, but also helped the rest of the pack when the danger was at its highest.  What I really loved was that after the dust had settled, the outcome of the battle had several members of the Salvation Pack gaining something they never thought would happen.  Wolf on the Hunt is full of suspense-filled danger mixed with passion and the fellowship of family—both blood and dear friends.  It’s a great continuation of a series I have loved from the beginning.

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