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WOLF IN GUCCI LOAFER’S by Tara LainWolf in Gucci Loafer's by Tara Lain
Series: Tales of the Harker Pack #2
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher
Reviewed by Jo

Lindsey Vanessen has a foot in two very different and drastically dissimilar worlds.  He is part of a wealthy human family, and a socialite, but he is also half ,werewolf.  That is a really unusual mixture and because of it, Lindsey has always felt as if he didn’t truly belong in either world. Lindsey has never hidden the fact he was gay and, in fact, is very flashy about it. When someone, or a group of people, started preying on the wealthy families, Lindsey decided to do something about it as only he could.


Seth Zakowsy is one tough and hunky cop. He is also one of the cops on the task force to investigate who is kidnapping the wealthy and holding them for ransom. The last thing Seth needs is to be distracted while in the investigation, but that is exactly what happens when he comes into contact with Lindsey during one high-focus kidnapping. Seth is impressed by how willingly Lindsey is to help out his friend, but he also tries to keep him out of the police investigation, which is easier said than done when Lindsey agrees to get Seth into his world to investigate.


Lindsey was immediately attracted to Seth, but believed that it was okay because Seth was straight. How wrong he was. Seth is just as gay as Lindsey is and just as attracted. Lindsey is trying to balance his helping Seth,along with a new dating interest. Seth works hard to stay focused on the investigation and not on his building lust for Lindsey. As the investigation goes on, it appears that the investigation is headed in the right direction. But just as Seth and Lindsey both give in to their mutual passion, Lindsey is taken. Now it is a race to free Lindsey, but while the rescue happens, another huge secret is revealed. Can Seth and Lindsey ever find a way to combine their lives, and can Seth accept all of what Lindsey is?


A flaming socialite and a hard-nose cop learn that all is fair in love and war in Wolf in Gucci Loafers.  Lindsey uses both his connections and natural attributes to find out just who is attacking and kidnapping the wealthy community. Seth is willing to do whatever it takes to solve this investigation, even if it means getting up close and personal with a community that he has never been a part of. I got a kick out of watching Seth and Lindsey circle each other and loved it when they finally got together.  I was a bit worried if Seth and Lindsey would overcome the huge gaps in both of Lindsey’s worlds and Seth’s, but I should have known that when love is in the mix, it will always come out right. I really loved all that was involved in Lindsey’s rescue. Wolf in Gucci Loafers is a tale of greed and passion with compassion and friendships just when they are needed. I really hope to see more of the Harker pack in the future, so I can see what has happened to the pack members I have come to love.

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