WOLF IN HER BED by N. J. Walters

WOLF IN HER BED by N. J. WaltersWolf In Her Bed by N. J. Walters
Series: Salvation Pack #2
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Samhain Publishing

Reviewed by Jo

Anny Conrad is the typical single librarian with her two cats. So when she is dragged out to a bar by a friend, Anny decides to live on the wild side at least one night when she meets a man who makes her tingle from her toes to her nose and, most importantly, those hidden places in between.  All Anny really wanted was one hot night of sex that she could pull out on those nights in the future when she is cold and lonely.  This decision is one that will change Anny’s life in ways she never expected.


Armand LaForge is a member of the small Salvation pack who decides to grab a beer at the bar on his way home one night.  But when a woman attracts his attention and his inner wolf says that she is his mate, Armand is now fighting his instincts that say claim her and never let her go.  His pack is in a pack war right now, and a human woman is the last thing Armand wants to be dragged into it—especially when she is his mate.  So, he decides to allow himself one hot night and then to walk away from her in order to save her.  At least that is his plan, but when the night is over, his wolf isn’t happy, and it seems that maybe their night isn’t as secret as he thought.


Anny can’t believe she really did have sex with that hard, hot guy from the bar, but when she is attacked and almost dies, she realizes that he is the cause. Anny demands answers from him.  Armand is shocked to see Anny on Pack land and even more shocked by what his nose is telling him.  Explanations on both sides reveal truths that bring shock, disbelief, and rage, but the confrontation allows Armand to finally claim his mate. However, that depends on whether Anny will believe she really is his mate, and that their attraction and love is meant to be.    But before that can happen, Armand is determined to destroy the threat to Anny once and for all, so she will never be hurt by that wolf again.


A lonely librarian and a lone wolf find out that love can happen even when horror attempts to destroy it before it can really be found in Wolf in her Bed.  I could totally understand why both Anny and Armand indulged in their night of passion.  I loved seeing how Anny took her life in both hands after her attack, and how Armand took the circumstances and claimed his mate while planning to protect her from further horror.  Watching as the entire Salvation pack helped Anny come to terms with her new life had me knowing that Anny and Armand’s life would be full of love and friendship even while the pack war rages on.  Wolf in her Bed takes the horrors of a pack war and the wonder of love and mating, mixes them up, and proves that love will always win that battle.

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