WOLF ON A MISSION by N. J. Walters

WOLF ON A MISSION by N. J. Walters
Wolf on a Mission
by N. J. Walters

Series: Salvation Pack #6
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Sue Walsh has been kicked by life too many times to count, including the sudden disappearance of her best friend.  Now, Sue just wants to keep a roof over her and her son’s heads and be left alone.  Sue recently moved into her friend’s cabin, and she now works at a restaurant in town as a waitress.  Now, Sue has learned that her ex-husband is going to try and gain custody of their son.  Over Sue’s dead body.


Elias Gallagher is a full-blooded wolf who left his pack in Alaska years ago with his brother when his brother fell in love and mated with a half-breed.  They all lived together happily, especially when his nephews were born.  Now, because of an unexpected tragedy, Elias is the guardian of his nephews and the Alpha of their small family pack.  Elias knows that he needs to find a safe place to finish raising his teen nephews, and he has heard of a small, but unusual, pack in Salvation that might accept them, even with two half-breeds.


Elias and his nephews arrive in Salvation, and Elias decides to camp out while he checks out the pack before risking his nephews to a possible automatic death just for being half-breeds.  That first night, his nephews run into Sue while they’re on a run—one as a wolf and one human—and Elias has to come up with a quick explanation.  Sue isn’t sure about the three new arrivals in town, but she is attracted to Elias.  One day, when Sue hears a plan to harm wolves in a private area outside of town, she knows that she has to say something to the property owner.  That decision puts Sue and her son into deadly danger and gives Elias a reason to keep close to Sue—his human mate.  As Elias and Sue begin to explore their attraction, it becomes very clear that in order to keep Sue and her son safe, he will have to tell her the secret of the Salvation Pack and that her missing friend is alive and well and closer than she ever imagined.  Sue and Elias have a special love, but will they, Elias’ nephews, and Sue’s son all be welcomed into the Salvation Pack, or will they have to strike out to form their own pack somewhere else?


When a full-blooded werewolf comes to Salvation with his half-breed nephews in hopes of being accepted, he knows he is putting all their lives in danger, then throw in meeting his mate, a human woman, and you have just a part of what happens in Wolf on a Mission.  I could tell right off that Elias was an awesome man as I learned just what he had done and was doing for the love of his family.  I just wanted to give Sue a hug as I learned everything she had happen to her in two short years.  I was more than rooting for Elias and his two nephews to find a home in Salvation.  Those cheers became louder as I watched Elias and Sue find their footing amid a surprising passion that sprang up between them.  I have always known that the members of the Salvation Pack were special and they proved it by accepting this very unusual family.  Wolf on a Mission proves that you really can have a second chance by just reaching out, even if that reach is surrounded by danger and the day to day dramas.

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