WOLF ON THE RUN by N. J. Walters

WOLF ON THE RUN by N. J. Walters
Wolf on the Run
by N. J. Walters

Series: Salvation Pack #3
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Cherise Michaels and her mother ran from their pack years ago when it was determined that Cherise could not shift into her wolf form. Now, several years later Cherise arrives at the apartment she shares with her mom to discover her murdered by wolves from their old pack. Now, Cherise is alone, scared to death, and on the run for her life when a dream changes her plans and her life.


Cole Blanchard knows he is one mean and strong wolf in his prime. Cole has never regretted leaving his old pack with his friends so they could create the Salvation pack in North Carolina.. To keep his pack and their mates’ safe, Cole will fight to the death, if called for. While on patrol, Cole realizes that there are strange wolves on their land and, even worse, they are hunting/stalking a woman. Not on his watch!


Cherise expects the same type of condemnation from Cole and his pack as she received from hers when she tells them why she was hunted. She never expected to be accepted and even protected by Cole and his pack, even with the threat of more wolves sent to kill her. Cole never expected to find his mate, but when he realizes the Cherise is his one and only, nothing will separate them, if he has anything to do with it.  The problem is, Cherise also feels that Cole is that special one for her, and she wants to protect him by the only way she knows—leaving once again.  When you have two determined wolves out to protect the other, who is going to get their way, or will they both win once the dust settles?


A human wolf scared and alone finds the alpha wolf she was always meant to be with in Wolf on the Run. Cherise and Cole begin their relationship under less than wonderful circumstances, and yet I never doubted that Cole would win the day.  My heart went out to Cherise on why she couldn’t shift and what happened to her family because of it. When Cole discovered Cherise and her situation, I knew she would be safe even before knowing about the mate thing.  Watching Cherise and Cole do their tug-of-war courtship had me laughing at times and shaking my head at times.  Mostly, I just loved watching them fall in love and prove once again that the Salvation pack’s way of living life is the correct one. Wolf on the Run is filled with suspense, fun-filled friendships, and best of all, passion that keeps you intrigued until the last page is turned.  I can’t wait to see which wolf is next to find their mate. I’m personally torn between two on which I want it to be.

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