WOLF SLAYER by Angela Addams

WOLF SLAYER by Angela Addams
Wolf Slayer
by Angela Addams

Series: The Order of the Wolf #2
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Aubrey Devlin worked her entire life to become a Huntress, along with her twin sister, in order to mate with a Hunter and spend their lives defeating werewolves.  But when the day came for her to be claimed by her Hunter – it never happened for Aubrey but instead her twin sister was claimed by a Hunter.  Aubrey was destroyed and left that life to begin anew, as a security chief for the rock band Riot.  Aubrey knows that in order to come into her true powers as a Huntress she can also be mated with a werewolf, but that isn’t something she is even willing to think about.


Jaylon Black is the bassist for Riot and a werewolf.  He comes across Aubrey the first time as a wolf while she is fighting another wolf and sees just how deadly Aubrey can be.  Jaylon’s wolf knows immediately that Aubrey is his mate but she is also a trained Huntress which means that unless Aubrey falls in love with Jaylon, she will try and kill him.  Talk about an all or nothing situation.  When Aubrey is hired as the security chief for the band, Jaylon is given the chance to show Aubrey what life with him could be like and hopefully it’s enough to woo her.


Aubrey is instantly attracted to Jaylon, even if their initial meeting didn’t go so well.  She is even touched when he goes out of his way to give her things that she will enjoy.  Jaylon is determined to learn about Aubrey and what she loves while showing her his love in many ways during the time she’sworking for them.  But when the bands secret about being werewolves comes out at the worst time possible, Aubrey is going to have to take a stand in the Hunter/Huntress v. Werewolf battle – a decision that will be final on both sides.  The question that Aubrey has to come to terms with is can she love and protect a werewolf, or does the training that and beliefs her family raised her on rule her heart?


It’s a battle of heart and head when a trained Huntress falls in love with a werewolf in Wolf Slayer.  Aubrey faced a heartbreaking denial when she was not claimed by a Hunter but while hurt and defeated at the moment, she didn’t let that stop her from finding another way to use her training.  Jaylon knew from the start that Aubrey was a trained Huntress who could be claimed by a Hunter at any time if he didn’t claim her as his mate.  The worst part was watching as Jaylon and Aubrey stumbled around their first meeting as humans and then again when the truth comes out unexpectedly and we have to watch the battle take place that will tear Aubrey apart.  I really wasn’t sure which way Aubrey would go once her sister showed up – instincts or love.  I will say that while love ruled, I could not fall into Aubrey and Jaylon’s romance the way I usually do.  For me that aspect that turns a story into a believable tale and one I just sink into was missing with this world.  But I will say that for paranormal lovers, The Order of the Wolf is a unique world in which the battle of good and bad is twisted with inclusion of witches, Hunters, and Huntress along with the werewolves and one worth checking out to see if it works for you.  Wolf Slayer is a bumpy romance where the heart triumphs over instincts when a Huntress falls in love with her werewolf.

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