THE WOLF WHISPERER by Stephani Hecht

THE WOLF WHISPERER by Stephani Hecht
The Wolf Whisperer
by Stephani Hecht

Series: Wayne County Wolves #14
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

The shifter world fears the Feral.  No one is certain what triggers a shifter into becoming a Feral.  Whether it is abuse from childhood or as an adult or something else, becoming Feral is the boogey man in the closet for shifters.


Cree comes from a long line of Wolf Whisperers, his father, uncle, grandfather and so on.  When it was discovered that Cree also possessed the gift the intensive schooling began – at the age of five.


To be a Wolf Whisperer is a lonely calling.  Sent from pack to pack to treat and heal the Feral everyone steers clear as if Cree is tainted in some way.  Once he’s hopefully healed the afflicted Feral Cree is soon shown the door and onto the next pack requesting his assistance.


Arriving at Alpha Chris’s pack Cree is introduced to his latest Feral charge and his mate.  Abused and belittled by his father in childhood Burt was still able to become a soldier within the pack.  Regardless of what caused Burt’s downward spiral it will be up to Cree to bring his mate back into the light and banish the madness within.


Hidden sorrows, a tormented mind, The Wolf Whisperer is a powerful emotional tale of spirit and redemption.  Strength and weakness in equal measure are valued parts of the whole in this storyline.  Book fourteen in this wildly popular Wayne County Wolves series bring together two lonely souls searching for happiness.  A touching, cautionary tale of shifter mental illness, The Wolf Whisperer is a loving addition to this always enjoyable series.

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