WOLF WHISTLE by A. C. KattWolf Whistle by A. C. Katt
Series: Werewolves of Manhattan #7
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by MLR Press

At one time Richard Kerrigan was on top of the world.  The valedictorian graduate from MIT accepted a position in Chicago with Switched Power Designs to jumpstart a promising career.  Life however became one painful lesson after another as first his father and then his mother died from illness.  A decision by his superiors at work caused Richard to blow the whistle and testify in court.  After that he was fired using trumped up charges and became a pariah in his chosen field in the city.  He worked two part time jobs to keep a roof, a shoddy roof over his head and little else.  The final insult was avoiding Davilor Kasun, a Serbian mobster who refused to believe Richard didn’t belong to him.


At the end of his rope and close to giving up hope Richard can’t believe it when his best friend from childhood, Julio Reyes, shows up.  Introductions are made to the people in Julio’s life and it takes less than a minute for Alpha Julien Bellaire to know that he’s found his Alpha Mate in the downtrodden redhead and whisks him off to NYC.


It’s time for all the Alpha Mates to converge, including Julio and help Julien bring his mate into the world of the loup garou, the wolf shifters.  At first Richard is simply thrilled because Julien and the other men he’s met lead Garou Industries, the most powerful, profitable corporation in North America. A company he can easily work for in his chosen field.  Telling him the true reality of his future is something Richard is about to learn.  At the same time they find out that Kasun was murdered and the police are looking at Richard.  Life certainly hasn’t been easy for Richard and it looks as though he’s got a few more hurdles to overcome.


Author A.C. Katt understands how to craft a good story with interesting characters, emotional drama, and an action filled plotline.  Conflict, romance, and a well paced storyline are bound within Wolf Whistle.  Though this seventh installment in the series is lighter on extreme drama there’s still plenty of tension to go around, as well as solid characterizations to keep readers enthralled with Richard and Julien’s love story.  Enjoy Wolf Whistle, you can’t help yourself

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