WOLFE AND HIS BUNNY by Susan LaineWolfe and his Bunny by Susan Laine
Series: Pariah Pack #1
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Siren-BookStrand

Alpha Max Wolfe is in charge of an unusual pack.  His people are cast offs, the misfits that other packs threw out or those who survived the decimation of their own pack. They have bonded together with the wolf shifter as their leader.  Now passing the century mark Wolfe is a successful bounty hunter who also dabbles in racing for extra income.


After a recent race Wolfe caught a scent in the crowd that had to have been his mate.  When he tried to chase the scent down he caught sight of a young man but somehow lost him.  Once he picked up the scent again Wolfe tracked down Peter Bennett, a rabbit shifter who saves abused animals when he’s not working at an animal shelter.


Of all the cosmic twists of fate – pairing a predator to prey as mates.  Wolfe’s inner animal is driving him to consummate their relationship, to bond forever.  As for Peter he’s skeptical that they can work things out.  He’s not sure they can ever find common ground and asks Wolfe to wait, to let them get to know each other before making the ultimate commitment.  After all they only get one mate in a lifetime. Patience, Wolfe, patience.  Surely it’s not too much to ask.


Wolfe and His Bunny charmingly questions what fate was thinking matching a wolf and a rabbit.  Time after time readers see Wolfe stumble during his attempts to court Peter who proves to have a great deal of patience.  Each makes mistakes, sometimes big mistakes.  What sets Wolfe and His Bunny above other books is that Wolfe and Peter are willing to keep trying.  Neither throws in the towel on love.  Through false starts and speed bumps Wolfe and His Bunny triumphs.

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