WOMAN IN CHAINS by Bridget Midway

WOMAN IN CHAINS by Bridget Midway
Woman in Chains
by Bridget Midway

Published by Phaze Books Genres: BDSM, Interracial
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Brea Oliphant refers to herself as “This Slave”.  In her mind, being treated like an abused slave is the only value of her worthless life.  A product of an abusive background, Brea learned from an early age that ill-treatment and pain were the way of life, so she turns to the BDSM lifestyle, purposely seeking out brutal punishment.


Dakota “Dak” Ricci has given up the Dom/submissive life after his last sub left him because he refused to be a ruthless, violent Dom.  Dak thought of himself as a failure because he could not physically and emotionally satisfy his submissive.  Nevertheless, Dak allows his best friend to talk him into remaining an member of a group that specializes in rescuing physically battered submissives from their Doms and Dommes.


This rescue mission turns out to be more than Dak and Brea bargain for.  Will Brea be able to see that even as a submissive that her body is worthy of admirable and lovable treatment?  And, more importantly, will Dak realize that he is indeed a commendable Master Dom?


Woman in Chains has taught me that the BDSM lifestyle is foremost about trust, honesty, respect, and conformity.  Without these key elements, there can never be a good, solid Dom/submissive relationship.  It is a struggle for Dak and Brea to build a strong foundation.  Brea has major trust issues and thinks of herself as undeserving of a loving relationship.  Likewise, Dak has self-esteem concerns as a Dom after it had taken a beating when his last submissive had left him without a trace.  Yet, Dak and Brea could not deny the strong attraction between them.  I enjoyed the couple’s journey to redemption, the discoveries of a wholesome BDSM relationship, and to true love.

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