WONDER by Erik Clarke

WONDER by Erik Clarke
by Erik Clarke

Series: Spellbound #3
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Growing up with complete knowledge of the hidden magical world, Blake Hollister is one of the unfortunate.  His parents are freelance mages and his sister empathic, but Blake…he is Dormant.  Childhood years of waiting to see what he would be, waiting to feel the flow within him and become.  Then nothing because he has nothing magical within him.  To make a life for himself Blake went to college and worked hard.  He did so well that a major corporation hired him straight out of school as an accountant.


Arriving in Kelvin to head up an accounting division Blake is dumbfounded to find the corporation in trouble with the government and his job gone.  Not sure what his next move should be Blake receives another shock when vampire Adam Harkin calls him mate. Trying to regain his footing Blake gets Adam to agree to take things slowly.  He’s also hired by vampire coven leader Will to handle the books for their bar Seethe.


The longer Blake is in Kelvin the deeper he falls for Adam and the more he realizes something is going on in the town, something dark and magical.  The old amusement park Wonderworld seems to be the epicenter for trouble and somehow the vampire coven is involved in it all.  With so much wrong in Kelvin it’s a wonder Blake and Adam are able to bond.  Discovering the truth together may cost them everything.


Apparently there’s never a dull moment in the town of Kelvin for those who are Spellbound.  Once again dark forces gather in Wonder.  A neat balance of strong characters and an exciting plotline makes for a thoroughly enjoyable story.  Blake and Adam engage in a complicated, sexy relationship.  Blake’s inner turmoil at being a Dormant affects his entire life, meeting Adam begins to heal him.  Wonder has a packed plotline, great characters and a powerful climax.  Enjoy.

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