WOOING HIS WOLF by Charlie Richards

WOOING HIS WOLF by Charlie Richards
Wooing His Wolf
by Charlie Richards

Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
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Reviewed by Lisa

Wolf shifter Logan St. Clair lost his place within his pack by attacking the new Alpha and his male Alpha mate.   Though influenced by others, homophobic attitudes could no longer be tolerated and therefore Logan is forced to leave.  He is taken into Kontra’s biker gang to learn the error of his ways.


The biker’s make a pit stop to visit with other shifters and their human friends on the road.  During the visit Logan realizes that fate does indeed have a sense of humor after sensing his mate in the group, his human male mate.


No matter how hard Logan tries to fight the pull it doesn’t stop him from wanting college student Tyson Grubler.  The wolf has come a long way from his past attitude, but asking him to take a male mate is pushing things.  Everything comes to a head however when someone else moves on Tyson and Logan makes a serious error in judgment. Now it’s up to Logan to come clean to the bikers and hope that Tyson will forgive and accept him, fur and all.


A bad attitude and a multitude of mistakes color an eventful romance in Wooing His Wolf.  After everything that Logan does wrong it is Tyson’s love that soothes the wolf in their exciting storyline.  Kontra’s Menagerie adds another unpredictable tale to their series with Logan and Tyson’s inspiring love story.  Wooing His Wolf starts out with a combustible match and goes supernova.  What fun!

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