WOOING THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER by Charlie RichardsWooing the Lighthouse Keeper by Charlie Richards
Series: Tales of the Briny Nix #1
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books


School teacher Wayne Thorpe’s career comes to a screeching halt late on a Friday afternoon.  All because of a vengeful ex-boyfriend.  Pictures have been sent to several board members, nude shots of Wayne.  Taken in a way that he appears to be awake and consenting, though in truth he was asleep and unaware.  An investigation is launched however the damage is done to Wayne’s reputation.  What parent would allow their impressionable child to be taught be a teacher with loose morals?


As Thorpe’s world comes crashing down an ocean away another is being unjustly accused of treason.  Zarek Rudiman, a Briny Nix, distantly related to their king is set up by his enemies.  About to be arrested and therefore unable to clear his name Zarek chooses to flee until he can gather proof of his innocence.  He isn’t quite fast enough and barely manages to get away with a large gash in his tail made by a trident.


With his professional life in flames it’s a good thing Wayne had already offered to care for a lighthouse overseen by his best friend’s father.  At least it will give the teacher something to watch over until the verdict is in.  An evening of television and pizza with his other best friend turns into a rescue mission when the two spot an injured nude man lying on the beach below the lighthouse.  Both Wayne and Zarek are in trouble, big trouble.  An innocent kiss seals the deal, however on a whole other level of trouble.


Wooing the Lighthouse Keeper thoroughly engages the reader with an enchanting, sensual romance.  Fate brings unlikely mates together at their worst personal moments and the results are a warm hearted tale.  Wayne and Zarek are bursting with charm and endearing qualities in the first Briny Nix story.  The heat between the pair fairly sizzles.  This is a great start to a new series.

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