WORKING OUT by Marie Harte

WORKING OUT by Marie HarteWorking Out by Marie Harte
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary
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Reviewed by Lisa

Jameson’s Gym is a hotbed of sweating bodies and finding partners.  Mac Jameson works at his uncle’s gym after his career with the marines came to an end.  The best and worst part of his day is when Maggie Doran teaches her aerobic classes.


With his label as a playboy the last thing Maggie wants is a relationship with Mac.  Teaching aerobics is a part time job, her true talents lie in the highly specialized artwork Maggie does with paper.  Giving Mac anything more than friendship is a risk to her heart.


When Maggie is finally willing to take a chance on Mac they realize their feelings are dead on and everything falls into place.  The artist bows down to the dominant and loves every minute of it.  But as Maggie’s artwork takes off and she receives the notice she deserves Mac pulls back.  He doesn’t want to be an obstacle to her success.  It’s up to Maggie to convince the ex-marine that she needs his dominance to succeed.  This time the submissive must take the upper hand.


The complex dynamics of love within a D/s relationship is explored in Working Out.  Hot, complicated characters will keep readers focused on this intense plotline.  Maggie and Mac’s tumultuous romance never misses a beat.  Miscommunication and guarded hearts make for a powerful love story.  Working Out sweats the small stuff and offers a riveting romance.

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