WRONG BROTHER, RIGHT MATCH by Jennifer ShirkWrong Brother, Right Match by Jennifer Shirk
Series: Anyone But You #3
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC


When I saw Wrong Brother, Right Match I passed it over a few times not sure if I was even going to end up reading it. Then I remembered I read the previous book in the Anyone But You series so I decided to give it a try and found out I really did enjoy it.


This story starts off with Kennedy in Las Vegas for her match making business when she gets trapped in an elevator with a good looking man and starts to spill her guts about how she is second guessing her relationship. When she starts to hyperventilate her elevator guy distracts with her with a super-hot kiss.


Now months later Kennedy and her fiancé Justin are going to his family’s home for the Christmas holiday. Kennedy is more than excited because she never had a real family to do all the holiday things she always wanted to do but now it’s her chance. Upon arriving at the family’s home she gets the shock of her life and comes face to face with the man she kissed in Las Vegas and to pile on her shock finds out that its Justin’s older brother, Matt.


Matt has always been the responsible sibling and after his father’s death he came home to run the family’s vineyard, help his mother and his younger sister while Justin just did whatever he wanted to do. Now Justin is bringing home his new fiancée for the first time to meet the family and he wonders if she is the same type of person that Justin is. While Justin heads back to Boston, Matt is in charge of showing Kennedy around but the more time they spend with one another the more his feelings start to grow for Kennedy. Will Matt be able to show Kennedy that she’s with the wrong brother?


Normally I tend to stay away from love triangle stories not because I don’t like the drama because I really do, but because I usually end up liking the characters a little too much. That wasn’t the case in Wrong Brother, Right Match at all. While Justin is a main character in the story he did not deserve Kennedy at all. He said and did the right things half the time but he really didn’t know the woman he was marrying. Both Kennedy and Justin think they have a lot in common but when she spends time with Matt I could see right away he was the guy for her. They had more in common and even in the little time they spent together Matt showed how much he paid attention to what she liked and preferred.


I thought Wrong Brother, Right Match was a cute holiday read with likable characters and just the right amount of twists added in. Jennifer.Shirk brought in incredible details that had the story flowing nicely and had me wanting to get ready for the holiday season. The one thing I missed was the love scenes and that really bummed me out a little but even without them I could see Matt and Kennedy were a match made in heaven.

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