WRONG NUMBER, RIGHT GUY by Mia WattsWrong Number, Right Guy by Mia Watts
Series: Hollywood Hotties #1
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing


Once upon a time Ryan Fenmore was a struggling actor who scrounged for grocery money and worried about paying his rent. Nowadays, renamed Ryan Pierce has his name above the movie title and has an accountant pay all the bills. Known as the American heart throb, Ryan needs a bodyguard to fight off the women. If only they knew that women do absolutely nothing for him when he’s having sexual fantasies and that must remain Ryan’s dirty little secret according to his agent. It would kill his career as the hot stud if anyone knew he’s gay. As long as Ryan is willing to live like a monk everything will be fine.


Answering the phone early one morning Ryan quickly realizes that the caller, Dar Phillips thinks he’s called his best friend Brett Shackley. Thinking fast Ryan pretends to be a regular guy instead of a movie star and ends up having an honest, refreshingly normal conversation with Dar.


Over the next few weeks Ryan begins a tentative phone friendship with the sexy voiced Dar who tells Ryan that he’s gay and happily out. As time passes Ryan is tempted to finagle a meeting with Dar, but how will he react to the actor as opposed to the man is the big question. Taking a chance could blow up in Ryan’s face and ruin his career if he lets his burgeoning feelings for Dar loose. But if Dar cares for Ryan, regardless of what he does for a living, it could be magic. One step, one look and it could all be over or turn into the best moment of Ryan’s life. Take a breath and live or crawl back into the dark for good.


Wrong Number, Right Guy pushes all the right buttons in this tender, sexy, and satisfying romance. An everyday openly gay guy hooks up with a leading man actor who’s deeply in the closet. Though the plotline is improbable it is the characters who make Wrong Number, Right Guy believable and worth reading. They are charming, engaging, and very human. A sweet love story with some steamy sex makes Wrong Number, Right Guy a very entertaining tale indeed.


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