WRONG SIDE OF THE LAW by Edward Kendrick

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WRONG SIDE OF THE LAW by Edward KendrickWrong Side of the Law by Edward Kendrick
Published by JMS Books LLC Genres: Contemporary, MM
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The occasional bending of rules finally catches up with New Orleans Detective Dan Hudson.  His latest undercover assignment against a powerful businessman ends badly when the detective is made to look corrupt.  Unable to defend his actions Dan elects to leave town and never look back.


Settling in Denver he becomes Dirk Steele and decides to jump over to the other side of the law.  It doesn’t take him long to find the right place to deal in stolen goods.  Dirk enlists three clever thieves to form their own B&E team.  Maverick is only a few years younger than Dirk and the other two circling twenty-one.  Now it’s simply a question of actually pulling off successful jobs and not getting caught.  He’s also got to decide whether to keep Maverick at arm’s length or finally take a chance with his heart.  The former detective is certainly broadening his horizons.


From officer of the law to criminal ringleader nothing’s more spirited than embracing the Wrong Side of the Law.  A devious businessman turns the tables on the detective and changes the course of his life in a profound way.  Dirk becomes a ‘bad’ guy and opens his heart to love.  A clever plotline with engaging thieves keeps the story moving smooth and strong.  Don’t expect to hold onto the moral high ground with this crew.  Simply enjoy Wrong Side of the Law for the feisty characters and the creative plot.

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