XAN’S FIESTY MATE by Elle BoonXan's Fiesty Mate by Elle Boon
Series: Iron Wolves MC #2
Genres: Paranormal
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Brielyn (Breezy) Mattice is an ER nurse and also a werewolf in the Iron Wolves pack.  Breezy is about to spend yet another lonely night with only her father instead of a hot date after leaving work when she is suddenly attacked by someone big.  Good thing that Breezy has been taught by her brothers and Xan how to get away from threats that are bigger than she is.  If only she could get Xan to acknowledge what is between them.


Xander (Xan) Carmichael is the second in command for the Iron Wolves.  Xan has known for a couple of years now that Breezy was his mate, but he is in no hurry to be tied down right now.  However, once he hears that Breezy was attacked, nothing is going to stop him from claiming his mate and keeping her safe from what, or whoever, has targeted her.


Breezy and Xan explode off the charts as they give in to their passions and finally mate.  What should have been several weeks of sex-related bliss becomes a suspense-filled time as Xan and the rest of the pack try to discover just who is after Breezy, especially after they learn that she is still on the “most wanted” list of someone, and that someone really doesn’t care if she is taken dead or alive.  Breezy only knows of one person who has ever hated her, and that person hasn’t been around for a good 20 years, so it couldn’t possibly be her.  With the specialized help brought in, clues are put together to target the group that is after Breezy, and Xan leads the way to take care of making sure his mate is safe forever.  However, when the final attack comes, it will be Breezy who must confront a past terror and stay safe until Xan and help arrives.  When the battle is over, who is alive and who is dead?


Mating for werewolves is a serious thing and not to be taken lightly, something that two members of the Iron Wolves  are about confront in Xan’s Feisty Mate.  Breezy and Xan are perfect together, and I thought they balanced each other exactly where it mattered.  I wondered at first just what it would take to get Xan to accept the mating, but when Breezy was threatened and harmed, I saw exactly why Xan had the position he does in the pack.  I found that the fireworks that Xan and Breezy let loose by coming together were filled with passion and humor even with an unknown threat.  I loved how all misunderstandings and betrayals were taken care of both between Xan and Breezy and with things in Breezy’s past.  They are yet another spicy and powerful couple in the Iron Wolves pack that have a bright future of loving and adventures.  Xan’s Feisty Mate combines the wonder and passion of mating and the suspense of threat filled danger all while bringing two people together forever.

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