Author: Alana Ankh


SHORT-CIRCUIT HIS SOUL by Alana AnkhShort-Circuit His Soul by Alana Ankh
Series: Microchips & Purity #2
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Science Fiction

It has taken everything to keep the people of Eden from tearing the city apart.  The human and cyborg population are at each other’s throats.  Trying to lead them all is the Guiding Light, Uriel, and his cyborg lover Raze.


The discovery of Uriel’s brother Noah, a clone, simply adds another layer of conflict.  Raze’s best friend and fellow cyborg Logan Maxfield is one of the few to distinguish between the brothers.  Maybe the fact that Logan is falling in love with Noah has something to do with it.


As the tension reaches a critical point it’s becoming apparent that Noah is dying, his cloned DNA is breaking down.  A doctor is doing what he can to find a cure, but so far he’s been unsuccessful in finding a cure.  It’s breaking Logan’s heart.  Noah wishes he’d had more time with the brother who needs his support more than ever.  He wishes he’d been able to spend more time with Logan who’s teaching him all about love.  The only option is a horrible choice.  Nothing is easy or simple in Eden.


Short-Circuit His Soul takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster. The characters are forced to make awful choices and terrible decisions.  It is their price for humanity in this strange future.  This complicated plotline and the complex characters beg the reader to follow this series in order to fully appreciate what is going on.  Once in a while the story loses focus between their unique religion and the characters but it’s only momentary.  Noah’s struggle as a clone is poignant.  The love Noah and Logan share is powerful.   A riveting drama, Short-Circuit His Soul challenges the reader to think.



FRACTURED SOULS by Alana AnkhFractured Souls by Alana Ankh
Series: Elemental Lovers #2
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Publisher


The arrival of the Nikari is only a matter of time.  They will come to confront the Aranken who attempted to destroy the Nikari royal family yet again.  They managed to fracture the monarchy, not destroy it altogether.  This latest attempt was aimed at the man about to become consort to the powerful Emperor.  This cannot go unchallenged knowing that the Aranken royal family is involved.


It takes the Nikari ship five long days for Prince Shuriden Fezenda, the Emperor’s cousin, secretly his half-brother and A’Mora Katara, the Emperor’s mother to arrive.  They are unable to dock due to a magical force field surrounding the town, the palace, and territory.  Met by Crown Prince Tynare Or’Therar the royals are subjected first hand to the Aranken’s war against the neighboring Shyrn and lose their ship in the process.  If not for the intervention of the crown prince the Nikari party wouldn’t have survived the attack on their ship.


Before they know it Shuri is embroiled in palace intrigue and blatant sexual overtures by Tynare and his previously unknown twin brother Nari.  Breaching the Veil between Aranken and Shyrn may provide the answers to the Nikari threats, but it may also mean capture or worse, death.  The only certainty is that the answers are all there if Shuri can survive asking the questions.


Incredibly imaginative.  Intrigue, amazing twists, and surprises along the way.  All the hallmarks of a fantastical adventure are here to enjoy with Fractured Souls.  A large cast of interesting characters and a layered plotline to entertain readers will make Fractured Souls a keeper.  As questions are answered new ones crop up to torment and engage.  It’s not necessary to have read the previous story, but it definitely helps to understand this strange world.  Shuri is special and has reason to protect his heart while Tynare isn’t as easy to embrace.  Eventually it becomes clear as to why his behavior is so erratic, but he’s definitely not as likeable.  Fractured Souls offers romance, love, suspense, and mysteries.  Something for everyone falls into place in this bold, erotic tale.  Dive in and enjoy.


BEYOND THE RIFT by Alana AnkhBeyond the Rift by Alana Ankh
Series: Elemental Lovers #1
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Young Lord Behnivyr ‘Ivy’ Erethe, a Pure-Blood Andari is thrilled to finally reach manhood.  The downside is that he can no longer put off the arranged nuptials his parents planned for him with Marquis Torildy, a pompous, obnoxious lord.


In an act of defiance Ivy sneaks out of the mansion and attends a festival in the nearby town.  Everyone wears a mask which covers the face so no one will know who he is.  Ivy bumps into a Nikari who intrigues and charms the impressionable youth.  Little does Ivy know that he is spending the evening with His Imperial Majesty, the Morai Kristelien ‘Kris’ Fezenda.  The Emperor is there because he’s secretly investigating Ivy’s parents for subversion and conspiracy against the Emperor.


Kris is instantly smitten.  The multitude of men and women thrown at him over the years never made Kris feel the way he does around Ivy in only a few short hours. Though Kris promises they will be together again Ivy figures the Nikari is gently letting him down.  Ivy doesn’t know that a Nikari can scent his mate.


Facing his parents the following day Ivy figures when life becomes difficult he can draw on memories of his stolen evening to help him in the coming years.  The marriage plans are put on hold however when a summons arrives from the Emperor to attend a gathering in the capitol and, Ivy is expected to attend.  Ivy and his family are about to receive the surprise of a lifetime.


Savor this delightfully romantic carnal read.  A delicious treat from start to finish, Beyond the Rift is a lusty, imaginative tale.  Once readers grasp this world and its inhabitants there’s no going back from falling for Ivy and Kris.  It is especially easy to fall for the little Andari, charming, sassy and innocent Ivy is one of a kind.  Kris is everything a Morai should be and, manfully atones for the mistakes he makes along the way.  The first book in the Elemental Lovers series, Beyond the Rift is satisfying through and through. Book two can’t come soon enough.



ELECTRIFY HIS HEART by Alana AnkhElectrify His Heart by Alana Ankh
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

In a world that relied on cybernetic implants for soldiers and the majority of the work force to make them stronger, faster, and more efficient the virus of 2441 was devastating.  The identity chips implanted at birth even proved to be killers when the virus hit.  One lone baby survived that day, Uriel Noah of the House of Zion.


Twenty years have passed since the virus struck.  The United States is renamed Eden.  People are split into two factions, those with low amounts of tech implantation are called purist.  The majority of those loaded with tech died that day but some survived and are now treated as little more than slaves.  Purists look to their savior, the Guiding Light, Uriel to succor and heal them.  The resistance on the other hand looks to one of their own, Raze Hartman for a way to free them from servitude.


Since that awful day Raze has looked for a way to save his father who’s been stuck in a cryo tube with machines keeping his body alive.  Raze devises a plan to kidnap the Guiding Light and make him heal his father.  Little does he know that Uriel would like nothing more than to escape his gilded cage.  Without common ground there can be no trust, yet from the moment Raze and Uriel meet their actions speak of mutual faith in each other.  What they begin to set in motion cannot be stopped by either faction. The world is about to change once more.


Embrace an alternate reality in Electrify His Heart.  The Earth went to hell when the virus hit and the fallout ravages the human race.  Uriel and Raze are both honorable men, one a puppet without any real power and the other weary of his responsibilities.  Electrify His Heart starts slowly, yet soon picks up momentum and then holds the reader tightly until the end.  Surrounded by tech, cyborgs, and the faithful it is the human heart that ultimately matters most in this sizzling romance.

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