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THE CASE OF THE GUILTY GHOST by Amber Kell & R. J. Scott

THE CASE OF THE GUILTY GHOST by Amber Kell & R. J. Scott
The Case of the Guilty Ghost
by Amber Kell, R. J. Scott

Series: End Street Detective Agency #6
Published by Love Lane Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Author

The vampire realm is in chaos.  Their king, Ettore sacrificed himself for his brother.  As Bob mourns the loss of Ettore in private his soul mate Sam Enderson is dealing with a lonely existence without his lover for the first time since they met.


Meanwhile the vampire god Aset Ka is giving his newest subject an unbreakable command.  Ettore will be sent back to the land of the living for seven days.  He must return balance to the realms.  That’s his only clue.  If Ettore is unsuccessful in his mission there will be dire consequences.


The youngest Prince Radim appears to claim the throne which cannot be allowed.  He has embraced the dark arts and become pure evil.  Love, hate, and the mystery of balance must be reclaimed for the realms to regain peace.


It’s all in a day’s work for Sam Enderson and company.  No problem. Easily solved. Right.


Fans of the End Street Detective Agency will cheer as the latest story is released.  The Case of the Guilty Ghost unfolds with an intricate plotline, fast pacing, and complex characterizations.  This story begins immediately after the last book finished so it might take a moment to get back into the rhythm of this drama.  Having said that it doesn’t take long to sink back into their world.  The imaginative storyline gives Sam and Bob another wild adventure to tame and enemies to overcome. And luckily for us, The Case of the Guilty Ghost gives readers another enthralling story to embrace.

MATE CALL by Amber Kell

MATE CALL by Amber Kell
Mate Call
by Amber Kell

Series: Dragon Men #5
Published by Self Published Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Author


Colton Lanx was born among the stars.  Knowing of no other life Colt joined the Exploration Guild to become a certified navigator.  He loves to travel through the universe where he believes he belongs.


From the moment Colt was assigned to his latest posting the captain took an instant dislike of him.  Passing close to the planet Dragait takes precise calculations which Colt has input.  Apparently, the captain doesn’t trust his calculations and re-enters his own.  Colt’s father was born on Dragait and it seems the son will be dying there as the ship becomes locked in the planet’s gravity field and begins to break apart.


An escape pod saves Colt’s life, but it also changes his life in every way possible as he comes face to face with King Zeir Dragonfire.  Suddenly the navigator’s future is no longer among the stars. Colt will be forced to choose between what his head is telling him and what his heart yearns for…


Mate Call returns readers to the sensual, stubborn Dragon Men series.  Honorable, intelligent Colt has his life interrupted in ways he’d never imagined while at the same time King Zeir discovers his past was a lie.  Both characters have life altering decisions to deal with in this challenging drama.  The well balanced storyline keeps everyone on their toes.  Extremely satisfying from beginning to end, Mate Call has everything an entertertaining story needs with a complicated romance, hot sex, and a handful of troubles to overcome.  It took awhile for Mate Call to arrive, but definitely worth the wait.


Coming in Third
by Amber Kell

Series: Unconventional in San Diego Anthology
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher



Fae royalty Lord Niallvius Primrose.  One would assume that Niall lives a life of ease and luxury within the palace walls.  Behind the doors however he is a prisoner to his mother’s superior magic and her brutal, iron fist.  She intends to wed her son to someone she can also control in her quest for more power.


Slipping his leash after agreeing to the marriage Niall plans to enjoy a ménage a trios before the nightmare of a loveless union begins.  At the Unconventional Bar Niall encounters a pair of lion shifters.  Jovan and Luka fit the bill for a night of passion and sensual indulgence.  By the time the sun comes up the shifters know they’ve finally found their third after decades of search. They have no intention of losing their sweet fae to another no matter dear mother’s plans.


Enjoy engaging characters, hot loving, and a twisty tale in Coming in Third.  Wealth and power and an evil mother, Niall hides the shame of scars.  His lion shifter saviors are afforded a roundabout rescue in this clever, sexy story.  Hardships and sorrow at the start followed by an intense connection Coming in Third gives the ending that readers crave.


AN OMEGA’S HEART by Amber Kell

AN OMEGA’S HEART by Amber Kell
An Omega's Heart
by Amber Kell

Series: Under Wolves #2
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


The War Council has sent wolf shifter Conley Elnon to ferret out a traitor in Alpha Gage’s shifter camp.  Volunteering for undercover work is the only way Conley feels he can absolve his guilt over losing his family in the wolf/vampire war.  As Conley closes in on head cook Denel the traitor causes a massive explosion and gets away in the ensuing chaos.


Further complicating his efforts Conley comes face to face with Jacob, his mate.  The thrill of finding his mate is tempered by the mole getting away. It’s a horrible decision but the wolf shifter is determined to avenge his family so he leaves the camp without Jacob.


Following Denel to another shifter camp Conley makes a horrible discovery.  This Alpha is working with the enemy.  Something evil is going on.  Something deadly.  The War Council is nowhere in sight to save Conley.  Good thing Jacob is an excellent tracker as well.


At long last the Under Wolves series returns.   Enjoy the triumphant new story, An Omega’s Heart. Torn between duty and bonding Conley balances emotional needs and logical decisions.  The consequences are the focus of this plotline.  There’s excitement and adventure sure to please readers.  Caution however, this series needs to be read in order to fully appreciate.  An Omega’s Heart has a smart blend of romance, drama, and unexpected chills.  Hopefully the wait for book three comes sooner than later.


Porter's Reaper
by Amber Kell

Published by Pride Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reaper Alstair Gorman is sent by Hades, God of the Underworld, to a conference at Mayell Academy.  Believing he’s there to help choose a new Headmaster at the wizard school Alstair soon learns that Hades tricked him.  The Reaper isn’t there to pick a new leader; he’s there to compete for the position of Headmaster.


Not only is Alstair stuck in a competition he wants no part of but Hades also sent him with an assistant who distracts him.  His boss has a habit of trying to play matchmaker and it looks like he’s at it again because Porter Exton is absolutely delectable.  Hades is well aware the Reaper runs at any hint of a relationship forming.  Tricky god.


Porter is happy to help Alstair in any way he can.  He’s not very magically powerful though he will do what he can for the Reaper.  Some alone time with Alstair would be wonderful while they’re at the Academy too. But more importantly he’s glad he’s going because he was murdered at Mayell and Porter is eager to find his killer and exact a little revenge of his own.


So, Alstair doesn’t want to be there.  Porter can’t wait to get there.  And meanwhile, someone’s killing off the competition.  Mayell Academy is certainly popular these days.


Book five in the wildly popular A Wizard’s Touch series kicks off in the Underworld with Porter’s Reaper.  The seriousness of Hell and the intrigue on the wizard’s campus balances nicely with the characters’ humor and romance.  Alstair is taciturn and stoic, whereas Porter is sweet and naïve, an enigma with charm.  Enjoy Porter’s Reaper where great chemistry and mysteries earn a grade ‘A’.


Wizard school is stressful at the best of times for students.  Farren Azar has even more to be worried about in school because if anyone finds out that he is part djinn his life will be over. The djinn were banished to another plane by wizards long ago and Farren would be forced to joinContinue Reading


Outwardly Duke Hellbur is simply another useless royal living on the fringe, but behind the scenes he manages a spy network that locates and frees Thresls from slavery and pit fighting.   Recently however, someone close to Hellbur has framed him, making it look as though he is the one destroying the precious Thresl population. Continue Reading


Betrayed by his brother Saint was condemned to centuries of life trapped under the ruins of the old palace.  Unable to free himself he spent his time honing his magical gifts and plotting his revenge.  At last Saint is liberated when King Vohne and King Mate Kreslan literally unearth him from his prison.   ItContinue Reading

THE CASE OF THE SINFUL SANTA by Amber Kell & R. J. Scott

It appears that zombies have taken over the basement of the girl’s school where Sam Enderson, a human, and vampire Bob’s daughter Mal, also a vampire, attends.  They aren’t quite sure what to do so they summon help. Zephariel, Angel of Vengeance is in town looking for his demon cousin whose recent use of brimstoneContinue Reading

TO KISS A KILLER by Amber Kell

One last assignment before master spy/assassin Aden Gale finally retires.  Still at the top of his game Aden nonetheless feels the weight of the years and knows he needs to quit before he makes a mistake that could cost him everything.  Aden intends to spend more time with his family, his son Carey, and theContinue Reading


A temperamental chef at the best of times, hawk shifter Garret Halcon and family run a successful restaurant in town.  They make a better profit when humans dine there because the shifter clientele tend to eat everything but the kitchen sink when they order a meal which leaves Garret scrambling to refill the freezers andContinue Reading


Employed by Sinclair Alverston’s top notch security firm, Jonathan Stevens is patently aware of his good fortune.  He is, however beginning to worry that his job is in jeopardy.  Jonathans’ past in the military has left him with a severe case of PTSD which even a year later is still giving him horrific nightmares.  It’sContinue Reading


Zander Elios isn’t concerned with prestige the way his ambitious family is, though he does appreciate the Thresl his father gave him.  After two years however the Thresl still hasn’t changed form and bonded with Zander.  He’s beginning to worry the Thresl will be taken from him to attempt bonding with another.  It’s not untilContinue Reading


As the head of the Magical Council of Wizards Drake Lender typically sends others to bring in unknown wizards for testing.  This time however Drake feels compelled to bring in young Kellum Richards himself.   Their introduction is decidedly unconventional though the head wizard learns several other things just as surprising.  The untrained wizard is Drake’sContinue Reading


Captain of the Guard Friln and his Thresl mate Nelrin or Rin are in charge of protecting King Vohne and his royal mate Kreslan.  Typically the couple is present when the King is in council or dealing with foreign dignitaries.  Friln and Rin happily mated over 10 years ago, blessed to know a deep loveContinue Reading

TO BITE A BEAR by Amber Kell

Very few vampires find their blood bonded.  Coven leader Rohan understands how privileged he truly is to find Harris Bender at a local art exhibit one evening.  Deciding to take things slowly Rohan hires Harris to paint a mural in his home and begin his seduction.  Bear shifter Harris is almost positive the vampire leaderContinue Reading

THE CASE OF THE WICKED WOLF by Amber Kell & R. J. Scott

The more P.I. Sam Enderson tries to steer clear of the paranormal community the more he seems to get sucked into their troubles.  He’s been hired by Alpha Hartman Hunter to find his missing daughter Shelby.  While digging for information Sam and his vampire lover Bob discover that a whole slew of paranormal children areContinue Reading


Eagle shifter Eaton Franks is thrilled his human brother and his croc shifter brother have found their happiness with mates.  Eaton’s future love life is considerably more complicated because he will as an eagle most likely bond during his first sexual encounter.  So, he’s got to get it right, no mistakes. Barely surviving an attemptedContinue Reading

THE CASE OF THE CUPID CURSE by Amber Kell & R. J. Scott

Inheriting his uncle’s P.I. business and building feels like providence for librarian Sam Enderson.  Taking an online course and quitting his current job Sam plans to take over the business with one big difference, human Sam intends to have nothing to do with the paranormal world all around him. Unfortunately for Sam the more heContinue Reading


Surviving the machinations of a madman, FBI Agent Arthur Turner knows he barely made it, his partner wasn’t so lucky.  His leg’s been badly injured and once it heals Arthur faces intense physical therapy.  Nevertheless he’s happy to be alive. While convalescing at home Arthur yet again regrets his decision to push ex-boyfriend Patrick EdwardsContinue Reading

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