Author: Anna Meadows


Cowboy Lust: Erotic Romance for Women
by Anna Meadows, Cari Quinn, Cat Johnson, Chaparrita, Charlene Teglias, Cheyenne Blue, Delilah Devlin, Kimber Vale, Lissa Matthews, Lorelei James, M. Marie, Michael Bracken, Nena Clements, Randi Alexander, Sedona Fox, Tahira Iqbal

Published by Cleiss Press Genres: Erotic, Western
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Reviewed by Miranda

Fans of Lorelei James will enjoy the delightful foreward she has written for Cowboy Lust.  It gives the reader great insight to her famous cowboys.


“Riding Double” by Cari Quinn

Danica Yardley has a thing for hot cowboy Jack but she’s too afraid to take a chance on love.  Therefore, she plans some casual fun.  She decides it’s time to bring her twin Colleen into the picture and have a threesome with Jack.  But what will Jack say?


Cari Quinn’s Riding Double is sexy and humorous.  Danica gets more than she bargained for as Jack proves to be an Alpha cowboy in Riding Double!


“Under the Southern Cross” by Cheyenne Blue

Sam saw something she shouldn’t and now she is hiding in the outback under witness protection.  If only she could hide her attraction to Jake, a station jackaroo, as well as she hides her identity.  When these two come together sparks fly but will their passion get them killed?


Under the Southern Cross is a fast-paced romance with a little bit of suspense and a whole lot of attraction.  Cheyenne Blue’s aussie romance rocks!


“Banging the Cowboy” by Randi Alexander

Drummer Annie Paris has had her eyes set on cowboy Rafe McCord for the past year but his reputation kept her away.  She needs a relationship not a one-night-stand but when he asks her out her hormones take over.


Randi Alexander’s Banging the Cowboy is a spicy erotic treat.  When Annie and Rafe get together they make beautiful music.


“Ladies Love Country Boys” by Cat Johnson

Businesswoman Julia Craven finds herself broken down in the middle of nowhere.  While waiting for a tow she spies a fair and decides to have a little fun.  Rodeo Cowboy Morgan Mitchell thought his wildest ride was going to be on a bull but once he spied Julia he knew he had to have her.


A bad night turns really, really good when Julia and Morgan heat things up at the rodeo.  Ladies Love Country Boys is an excellent erotic novella.


“Drought” by Michael Bracken

After teacher Amanda Wilcox sprains her ankle running Cowboy Cade Garrett comes to her rescue.  Things heat up as the two attend the Cattleman’s Ball together.  Will a rescue lead to love?


Bracken’s Drought gives the reader the right amount of sweet and naughty.


“Roped” by Charlene Teglias

Regan Morris is having a Blue Christmas until her friend Nancy forces her to attend a holiday party.  She’s having fun until she comes face-to-face with the man she ran away from years earlier.  This time Jonas is not letting her go.


Get ready to be tied up in Charlene Teglia’s Roped.  Jonas and Regan create plenty of fireworks that keep this novella interesting.


“Rough Stock” by M. Marie

Bronco rider Kennedy Rawlings took a bad fall a year ago and now she’s back in the same place ready to get back in the ring.  But first she needs some relaxation only one special cowboy can provide.


Rough Stock is a slow building story that leads to a strong finish.


“The Ranch Hand” by Sedona Fox

Charlene has grown up in a man’s world.  She loves her father’s ranch and is disturbed to learn he has arranged for her to marry.  When her intended’s ranch hand shows up the sparks fly.  How will they deal with their budding feelings when her intended arrives?


Sedona Fox’s The Ranch Hand is one of my faves.  This little western historical provides the right amount of humor and sex.


“Small Town Famous” by Lissa Matthews

Bethann and Tommy have been together forever but she’s afraid his eye may be wondering to the cute coed’s in town.  Bethann goes to extremes and lands herself in jail where Tommy must go to extremes to prove his love.


Small Town Famous is a funny novella.  This quick page-turner is full of spice.


“The Storm” by Tahira Iqbal

Candace crashes her vehicle during a bad storm.  She’s lucky her ex-Brent comes to her rescue.  All he wants in return is to win her heart all over again.


The Storm is a sexy reunion romance.  Candace and Brent make for a steamy couple.


“Caught Unawares” by Nena Clements

Reece McCord has the hots for his best friends little sister Lacy.  When he spots her screaming while running into the pond he offers her assistance.  He never expected the day to end with a happily ever after.


Caught Unawares starts off quite funny and ends downright hotly.  Reece and Lacey are perfect for each other.


“Some Like It Dirty” by Kimber Vale

Jenna McManus is headed to the country for her company and this city girl is totally out of her element.  Good thing there is a hot cowboy to come to her rescue.


Kimber Vale’s Some Like It Dirty is another favorite of mine.  Jenna makes me laugh so much at the beginning.  And her sexy rescuer turns up the heat in a major way.  Some Like It Dirty is the perfect afternoon treat.


“Raney’s Last Ride” by Chaparrita

When Sarah finds her husband dead she goes to extremes to seek revenge.


Raney’s Last Ride has plenty of sex but not many connections.  I couldn’t get into this story.


“Runaway Bride” by Delilah Devlin

Jackson Lowry is going to get the woman he loves even if he has to kidnap her, tie her up and kill her with pleasure.


Runaway Bride is a delicious treat.  Sammi Jo and Jackson are hilarious and their chemistry is blistering.


“She Don’t Stay The Night” by Anna Meadows

Buckley wondered onto Adabella’s land and became a ranch hand one that Adabella fell in love with.  After years of grooming and dancing around each other they may find happiness.


She Don’t Stay The Night is a sweet story but not a favorite of mine.  The novella has emotion but not as much passion.


Cowboy Lust is a great compilation of western erotic novellas.  While I didn’t like all of the stories, I enjoyed most of them. The stand outs were definitely Kimber Vale’s Some Like It Dirty, Cheyenne Blue’s Under the Southern Cross and The Ranch Hand by Sedona Fox.

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