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CRASH by April Kelley

CRASH by April KelleyCrash by April Kelley
Series: Demon Elite #1
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: Contemporary, MM
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It wasn’t until Elijah Spade lost his mother that he truly understood how much she’d protected him from his two crazy uncles and the rest of that side of the family.  Their businesses as religious fanatics paled in comparison to their illegal activities, including human slavery and prostitution.


Cousin Jasper, who was clearly a psychopath, forced Elijah to help trap a young man in a gay bar.  By the time Elijah decided he’d rather die than aid them it was too late and of course Jasper figured out his change of heart.  Elijah wasn’t killed, but he did end up caged in a basement at their compound alongside the other guy.


Rescued by members of the Lakehouse Security team Elijah soon decides to strike out on his own.  Unfortunately he falls into Jasper’s sick hands once more.  Badly injured he’s saved again and this time the Demon Elite team will protect him and hold onto him.  It’s up to assassin Crash Morgan to keep Elijah in one piece.  Too bad no one told Elijah to keep his heart safe from the taciturn assassin.


The Lakehouse Security series branches off with the more deadly Demon Elite team.  Book one in the gritty series opens with Crash.  Evil on so many levels surrounds a gentle soul in this exciting new storyline.  Always on the periphery of danger in the past Elijah receives a Crash course at the hands of his family and the less than tender assassin.  Opposites in every way the two main characters can’t help but Crash.  Luckily they don’t burn.  Well, they do…in the very best way.

PLACES LIKE HOME by April Kelley

PLACES LIKE HOME by April KelleyPlaces Like Home by April Kelley
Series: Pickleville #7
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

For three long years Dakota Weaver has dodged his stalker.  One innocent night back home changed his life forever.  No matter where he goes Ron Fullman eventually finds him and threatens death if Dakota won’t be his.


Dakota is forced to run each time he suspects his stalker is near.  It’s going to be worse when he leaves his current position at the Heath farm since the owners and everyone else welcomed him with arms opened wide.


In particular he’s going to miss Jackson, who boards his prize horses at the farm.  Dakota’s done his best to steer clear of Jackson because he’s so attracted to him.  Whenever Jackson is around he heads in the opposite direction. Nothing good can come of it with a crazy man insisting he’s off limits to everyone else.  If anything happened to Jackson it would haunt Dakota forever.


A shroud of darkness hangs over Places Like Home.  The heavy drama weighs on the main character as he stays one step ahead of a madman.  His relationship with Jackson is appropriately tentative and at the heart of this story.  New friends add another quiet layer of comfort.  Places Like Home runs the emotional gamut – bleak, weary, hope, and love.  This standalone story promises and delivers.

REPEATING LOVE by April Kelley

REPEATING LOVE by April KelleyRepeating Love by April Kelley
Series: Lakehouse Security #6
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Threats made to porn star Damon Shield were scary enough for his people to hire the services of Lakehouse Security.  Ex-military man Mikkel Alvarez is sent to protect Damon until they can figure out who’s behind the emails.  The stoic bodyguard drives the talkative actor crazy with his lack of interaction.


Believing the threat unreal Damon sneaks out and pays the price for his rash action and though he’s rescued quickly the days spent terrified in a cell leave their mark.  Unable to figure out where the kidnapper’s gone to ground it’s decided that Mikkel will take Damon to a safe house, a cabin until they can apprehend the man fixated on him.


Mikkel is dreading their time alone.  He lost his lover Tony years ago when they were both in the military and he’d vowed to never care for another.  Damon doesn’t realize that he’s been getting to Mikkel from the moment they met. Alone, together in a cabin in the woods – nothing’s going to happen between them.  Right.


A bodyguard living in the past meets his match in a feisty porn star.  Opposites in every way imaginable spark something special in Repeating Love.  Emotionally stunted Mikkel guards the sassy actor in their slowly evolving romance.  Circumstances bring the two together and difficult situations make them realize love is possible.  Repeating Love offers an unlikely romance that works, though it’s not until the end so have patience, please.

SUDDEN LOVE by April Kelley

SUDDEN LOVE by April KelleySudden Love by April Kelley
Series: Lakehouse Security Series #1
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

The Newell brothers pooled their resources for the start up of Lakehouse Security.  They’ve become so successful it’s been necessary to bring in two of their best friends and they’re considering adding more employees in the near future.  Who knew that bodyguards and investigators were in such high demand?


Sheriff Griffin isn’t their favorite person, but when he asks them to look into a couple of missing person cases where the young men are gay like the majority of the Newell brothers they can’t say no.  The sheriff believes that a nearby religious cult is responsible for the missing boys.  He can’t touch them, however Xander Newell can at least check things out.


Aaron Keller has lost track of time in the basement cage.  His family lives at the compound but the other two guys caged alongside him were taken from the outside.  He’s in this mess because someone saw him kissing another boy. Cold and starving things are looking pretty bleak until Aaron’s sister sneaks in and frees him.  Somehow Aaron has to find the strength to get help for himself and the other two before it’s too late.  Hopefully someone will care that the compound is targeting gays.


Engaging characters and a sensitive subject introduce readers to the Lakehouse Security series.  Sudden Love neatly uncovers the angst of bigotry.  Xander and Aaron’s romance is sweet and tender while the plotline manages to convey the danger they are in.  As their Sudden Love unfolds however, readers are left wondering when the others will be rescued.

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