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BRAZEN by Avery Flynn

BRAZEN by Avery FlynnBrazen by Avery Flynn
Series: B-Squad #1
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Self Published


The team at the newly formed B-Squad Security and Investigations are a very odd pairing of alumni from the St. Bernadette’s Academy for Young Ladies and the Devil’s Dip Gym.  Trust fund girls and poor boy boxers have joined forces to bring down a drug kingpin about to flood the market with something deadly called Genie’s Wish.


Heading the B-Squad are lovers Bianca Sutherland and Taz Hazard.  They are an incongruous pair who are deeply in love and committed to stopping Genie’s Wish with the help of the DEA.


On the trail of the chemist who started this whole mess and kidnapped Gidget Harris, one of their own, the plan is to infiltrate a private island resort near Hawaii.  Their entire plan is at risk when Tamara Hazard walks through the door and tells the lovers that she is still legally married to Taz.  Bianca is justifiably hurt and furious.  Taz is feeling the heat and Tamara wants money to walk away.  Not exactly the best way to start a dangerous sting operation.


High octane love and danger go hand in hand in Brazen.  A clever twisting plotline, big risks, and bigger rewards are had for the first B-Squad book.  Author Avery Flynn deftly keeps all the large cast of characters motivations clear and present in this gritty, sometimes deadly tale.  Combustible Bianca and Taz triumph with Brazen.  What happens next is anyone’s guess in this guilty pleasure.



HIS UNDERCOVER PRINCESS by Avery FlynnHis Undercover Princess by Avery Flynn
Series: Tempt Me #1
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC


Elle Olsen is a stylist for a top department store, and she is trying to find something that her current client would agree works for him.  Who would have thought a financier and one of the world’s top bachelors would be so hard to style.  Elle has no idea that her client has another mission besides being styled— like to kidnap Elle and force her to go back to a past nightmare.  After all, most people believe that Princess Eloise of Elskov died long ago.


Dominick Rasmussen has worked undercover as part of the Elskov resistance ever since the coup that destroyed Elle’s family and put her on the run.  Dom  may not be a citizen of Elskov officially, but that has nothing to do with finding the princess and helping her take her true place back on the throne of Elskov before her next birthday,  which is only a few days away.


Dom knows that time is not on their side, especially when the mastermind behind the coup is out to make sure Elle does not make it to Elskov on time.  Elle has no desire to return to the land that destroyed her family, but a few days with Dom does two things to Elle.  The first is it shows her that she wasn’t forgotten and left alone as she has always believed, and the second is it shows her that love can happen even at the most unconventional times and ways.  Danger has followed Elle and Dom to their safe house and, after an attack, it takes all both Dom and Elle have to get Elle on the throne safe and sound and to defeat the person who destroyed Elle’s world in the first place.  All Elle has to do is believe in Dom and the impossible and be the same feisty woman who took the world by the hand and became a top stylist when she had nothing at all to believe in.


Secrets, betrayals, and unexpected passion take two seemingly mismatched people and shows them love can top all in His Undercover Princess.  I was as mad as Elle at first when Dom took her—that is until I understood what was behind it and saw just how Dom felt for Elle from the instant they met.  I also had to feel for Elle in all that had formed her over the past several years and totally understood her stance on becoming the princess once again.  Watching as they found love while circumventing the danger that surrounded Dom’s mission and Elle’s life told me that it would take one heck of a battle to stop them.  That battle happened, but it was Dom and Elle who came out on top.  I really loved how Elle turned the tables on Dom and how they both found a way to let their love burn bright.  His Undercover Princess takes royalty, passion, and danger to the highest level while bringing Dom and Elle together to right past wrongs and to give them a happy ever after against all odds.

HOT DARE by Avery Flynn

HOT DARE by Avery FlynnHot Dare by Avery Flynn
Series: Dare to Love
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Kindle Worlds-Fan Fiction

Colt ‘45’ Butler spent his childhood in an Alabama double wide trailer with his dad.  Hard work and love of the game gave Colt a longstanding starting position with the Miami Thunder football team.  Thirty years old he didn’t need a bad play ending his season with a broken ankle.  Adding to the insult his backup is posting better numbers.


His brilliant manager has booked Colt on a three day fan cruise to the Bahamas to show the owner he’s an all round team player.  The PR department sent Angie Diaz as his handler.  Colt’s memories of Ms. Diaz involve a wild night in Vegas on a team road trip that she’s pretending never happened.


Sparks fly from the moment they are re-introduced.  Angie has signed Colt up for all kinds of activities during the cruise which blows up in her face after she realizes that the football player freezes in front of fans.  What should have been a fairly easy three days suddenly becomes a headache of major proportions.  Unless of course Angie can direct Colt’s tension in a different direction.


Hot Dare allows a combustible couple to redirect their emotions with passionate results.  Injured football player Colt butts heads with PR dynamo Angie in this delightful romance.  Humorous confrontations and sweet explanations allow this love story to blossom.  A well paced drama, Hot Dare culminates in the most heartwarming of climaxes.  Never mind the squabbles, love wins in the end.

ENEMIES ON TAP by Avery Flynn

ENEMIES ON TAP by Avery FlynnEnemies on Tap by Avery Flynn
Series: Sweet Salvation Brewery #1
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC

Miranda Sweet never thought she would see the day where she would return to her hometown of Salvation, Virginia.  Yet, years later she and her sisters have returned to save their family’s brewery company.  But, there is one problem as Miranda needs the financial support from the bank of the ex-boyfriend who once betrayed her.


Logan Martin cannot believe his luck.  Miranda Sweet is in his bank seeking assistance to save her family brewery company.  Little does she know that Logan wants her land for an industrial park that he has in the works.  All he needs to do is deny her the loan and wait for her to sell.


When Miranda and Logan come to blows over the land, it soon becomes apparent that the attraction between them has not died.  As the sexual tension heats up between the two, so do the town’s prejudice against the Sweet Triple Sisters.  Will the ailing Sweet Salvation’s Brewery survive the town’s wrath?  But, more importantly, will Miranda and Logan overcome their differences and find happily ever after?


Enemies on Tap is a steamy, hot novel that will have you panting with heated desire.  The chemistry between Miranda and Logan is passionate and very lustful in nature.  Whereas, I could not find any fault with the couple’s love affair, I did not like Logan’s character in the beginning.  He is too conceited and he treats Miranda like she is the scum of the earth.  I truly do not understand why Miranda wants to be with him.  But, I can say that half way through the novel, Logan sees the fault of his ways and wins my heart just as he does with Miranda.  On the other hand, Miranda is down-to-earth, a go-getter, and tough as nails.  There are many obstacles in her way and she is determined to fight them head on.  The battles between Miranda and Logan are hilarious, scandalous, and down right naughty.  Overall, Enemies on Tap is a good read.


HIGH-HEELED WONDER by Avery FlynnHigh-Heeled Wonder by Avery Flynn
Series: Killer Style #1
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC

Sylvie Bissette has grown up around the world of fashion and the fashionable and those who unfortunately only think they are fashionable.  With her fathers being two renowned fashion designers, of course Sylvie would be in that world.  To most outsiders, Sylvie’s world is all good, but what very few people know is that Sylvie is much stronger than she appears, and she has a strong side of snark.  She is also the person behind the blog, “High-Heeled Wonder”, which is full of the fashion do’s and don’ts and tell-alls about those who really shouldn’t have.  Now it appears that Sylvie also has a stalker who really has not been happy with her fashion sense.


Tony Falcon is the owner of his own security company, but not so long ago he was an investigator in Harbor City.  Tony might not know fashion, but when a lead on a murder investigation leads him to Sylvie, he is willing to do anything to have a reason to stay near her.  Being hired to track down her stalker and keep her safe is definitely a way for Tony to see beneath the glitter of the fashion world while finding out the truth of a murderer.


Sylvie might not believe she needs a body guard at first, but when she is almost run over, she accepts Tony and his new role as her boyfriend.  Tony and Sylvie begin to follow the clues to find her stalker, but soon discover that there is much more here than someone who didn’t like something that Sylvie wrote in her blog.  Tony and Sylvie are racing to keep one step ahead of the danger.  Not only are they surrounded by the danger, but a passion which sprang up between them is raging hot. As the big picture is coming together, Tony and Sylvie learn just what is really behind the attacks on Sylvie, and they use all their knowledge and talents to bring down Sylvie’s stalker and so much more.


A fashion diva and a security expert come together to bring down a stalker, and they discover not only the black underbelly of the fashion world, but also a love that is worth more than the best pair of heels in High-Heeled Wonder.  Sylvie has worked hard to make her secret blog the thing to read for the fashionable and the fashion minded.  Tony might have moved on to a different place in his life, but he is determined to solve a murder investigation that is very personal to him.  When Tony and Sylvie came together, I certainly didn’t think they would be a couple to last.  That is, until I began to learn more about each of them and saw that they really were just what the other needed to be complete.  I really loved just about everything in this world: Tony and Sylvie’s sparks from the minute they met; Sylvie’s fathers were just too huggable for words; the mixture of suspense, humor, and passion; and most especially, the world in which Ms. Flynn created for them all.  High-Heeled Wonder is a refreshing joy to read with its blend of passion, suspense, and the perfect touches of humor.  I, for one, can’t wait to see the other books in this series.

MAKE ME UP by Avery Flynn

Make Me Up by Avery Flynn Series: Killer Style #3 Genres: Contemporary, Suspense Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Entangled Publishing, LLC Cam Hardy knows he is all that and a bag of chips. He is an ex special ops agent turned investigator, who also has charm and a great body.  Cam has always been able to getContinue Reading

THIS YEAR’S BLACK by Avery Flynn

This Year’s Black by Avery Flynn Series: Killer Style #2 Genres: Contemporary, Suspense Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Entangled Publishing, LLC Allegra “Ryder” Falcon has always worked hard to keep her cracks hidden and only let the world see her tough side.  Now all grown up, Ryder works for her brother as one of his investigators andContinue Reading

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